Year: 2017

Siva Six launches new video for the track ‘Twenty Eight’ – watch now

Out now is a brand new Siva Six video. The track chosen is “Twenty Eight” taken from the “Dawn of Days” album. The track features George Diamantopoulos (on theremin) and Boog from Junksista (on guitar). The track itself is a cover to John Murphy’s main theme from the OST “28 Days Later”. The animation and design was completed by Jean Christophe Tremblay with band scenes from Die Industrie. Produced by Siva Six and Pandemic Videos you can watch it below. In further news, here are the Siva Six 2018 live dates so far: 5/5 Prague (CZ) 20/5 WGT (DE) 14/9 Hannover (DE) 27/9 Cologne (DE) 28/9 Landgraaf (NL) 29/9 Bochum (DE) 30/9 Hamburg (DE)

‘Face The beat: Session 5’ is being prepared – send your submissions now for this mega industrial/electro compilation!

After a legal issue on whether or not we were the first to use “Face The Beat” (and we were the first), we can reboot the preparation for the 5th volume in our popular free download compilation series ‘Face The Beat’! “Face The Beat: Session 5” will again be focusing on new/known talents from the industrial/electronic scene which will get a large platform to showcase their material! The 4 previous releases – “Face The Beat: Session 1”, “Face The Beat: Session 2”, “Face The Beat: Session 3” and “Face The Beat: Session 4” – are by far the most downloaded compilations ever from the industrial scene reaching tens of thousands of industrial music lovers each time, “Face The Beat: Session 4” even broke all records. Just like the previous volumes, we will again be supporting a good cause with the donations we receive. That charity will be announced in the next few weeks. Apart from the free download via our Bandcamp page (where you can also donate if you want), we will also distribute a selection of the tracks from the download compilation via Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer etc in order to satisfy the growing demand from people to be […]

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Side-Line introduces Vampire Knight – listen now to ‘Eternal Sorrow’ (Face The Beat profile series)

Before we start accepting new submissions for our upcoming 5th volume, here are the last few tracks featured on “Face The Beat: Session 4”. The 86th track on our free download compilation “Face The Beat: Session 4” (featuring 91 tracks) is by the Swedish act Vampire Knight. Loyal readers might already know this Stockholm based project from the excellent material submitted for “Face The Beat: Session 3”, namely the track “Requiem For Detroit”, which you can listen to below. Face The Beat: Session 3 by Vampire Knight Vampire Knight aka Staffan Vilcans is an artist from Sweden making dark ambient / industrial music. The project was started in 2014. Check out the band on Reverbnation for more news. Highly recommended! Listen to “Eternal Sorrow” below and download it right here. Face The Beat: Session 4 by Vampire Knight

‘Click Interview’ with Mind.In.A.Box: ‘An Electronic Music-Movie For Your Mind’

Mind.In.A.Box has released its new album “Broken Legacies” on their own label THYX Records. It’s a new sonic voyage throughout futuristic- and psychedelic electronic-pop fields. The Austrian band set up and driven by the creative spirit of Stefan Poiss became an instant success after their debut work (cf. “Lost Alone”) released in 2004. Every new production only increased the recognition of the critics and the enthusiasm of the fans. I got in touch with Stefan Poiss to know a bit more about the new work. Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries Q: “Broken Legacies” is the newest Mind.In.A.Box album, which took 2 years to get achieved. Can you tell us a bit more about the procedure and the way it all happened to compose this work? Stefan: There was no need to rush anything. I mean in the end only the quality counts. It just has to be as good as we can make it. So we really spend a lot of time fine tuning the album till we felt it was done. For this album Josh Kreger wrote all the lyrics and also the story and I’m extremely pleased with it. He did a phenomenal job. But I expected nothing […]

Liam Gallagher (ex-Oasis) wishes Morri(s)sey a ‘miserable Christmas’ – doesn’t even know how to spell Morrissey though

When ego-tripping musicians want to start an online catfight there is always something funny going on. Take Liam Gallagher (ex-Oasis) for instance. Gallagher tweeted this uncalled for message (2 minutes before Christmas midnight – you’d think stars have other things to do that late at night): “Miserable Xmas to morrisey as you were LG x”. Note that Gallagher misspelled Morrissey (it has 2 s’s), which of course got him a reply by actor David Morrissey saying “It’s MORRISSEY mate! And thanks very much!” Gallagher – still drunk as it seems – proceeded to quote several Smiths lyrics. Miserable Xmas to morrisey as you were LG x — Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) December 25, 2017 It’s MORRISSEY mate! And thanks very much! — David Morrissey (@davemorrissey64) December 25, 2017

Boxing Week sale at Storming The Base – here’s the link

The industrial mailorder Storming The Base has launched its Boxing Week sale. The sale holds a choice between hundreds of vinyls, CD sets all at heavily reduced prices. Included are releases from hundreds of bands such as Depeche Mode, ∆aimon, Front Line Assembly, Tehom, Blutengel,[:SITD:], iEuropean feat. Wolfgang Flur, Merzbow, Dave Ball & Jon Savage, Orphx, Cevin Key & Ken Hiwatt Marshall, Mueran Humanos, Yoko Ono, 3Teeth, Prong and many many more! You can find the complete list right here. Good to know for our US-readers, you get the shipping for free when you order for 100 US$ or more. EU-readers, group your orders and you’ll see the shipping costs decrease a lot! Happy hunting!

The Clay People InterView: Conquering the Colossus

Back from the brink of self destruction, The Clay People seems finally poised to return with a new album as vocalist Daniel Neet tells ReGen about his battle with addiction and the band’s evolution into a tight-knit alternative industrial/metal unit.

An InterView with Daniel Neet of The Clay People

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
[See image gallery at […]

Lords of Acid / Christian Death / En Esch: Sextreme Fest ’17

Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD – 10-25-2017

Since the band first appeared in the early ’90s, Praga Khan has taken Lords of Acid through numerous permutations, experimenting with different styles with varying levels of success, all in an effort to provide a sensory experience unlike any other. Incorporating all aspects of hard electronic music and industrial/rock, Lords […]

‘Click Interview’ with Android Lust: ‘Being A Musician Certainly Has Not Been An Easy Life’

Shikhee D’iordna was born in Bangladesh and schooled in England and the USA. She set up Android Lust in 1995, she released her first work on cassette format while the official debut album got released in 1998 on Tinman. She also worked together with Projekt and finally set up her own label: Synthellec Music. Shikhee is an independent artist who takes care of every little detail, which maybe explains why she’s not releasing new work every single year. She this year released her newest album inspired by the great city of Berlin, which according to me also is one of her best albums to date. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: You released your very first work (on cassette format) exactly 20 years ago now! What are the first things that come into mind when evoking the early years of Android Lust and how do you see yourself as an artist today? Shikhee: I am starting to find that young artist again. In the early 2000s I got pretty disillusioned with music and music business in particular. Things were a lot more exciting when Android Lust began and I feel I am starting to tap into that again in the […]

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