Year: 2003

–= Colony 5 – Colonisation =–

Colony 5 have become the biggest discovery on the Swedish Memento Materia label since synthpop / electro pioneers Mesh and Covenant. Now gathered together for the first time ”Colonisation” represents an outstanding collection of Colony 5 hits, B-Sides and EXCLUSIVE bonus songs, and ALSO contains the brand new tracks ”Accelerate”, ”Fate” and ”Science”. ”Colonisation” is […]


After the successful SPEED TRIBE dvd project and to culminate the release of the M.or.F trilogy throughout 2002 and 2003 with “Recalled Moments”, “And Failed Destruction” and “Invented Scenes/Naked”, and The Pavement have produced MALE OR FEMALE’s DVD+CD album entitled “Primitive reflections twisted from sound”, a 5.1 surround sound release. Featuring 26 all-new surround […]

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