Year: 2007

New Year’s Eve Party @ Club Underworld

NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY Dj: George Fakinos / John Mantonanakis+ Fetish Dancers Εßσοδος: 10e (με ποτü)FREE ENTRANCE UNTIL MIDNIGHT!DOORS OPEN @ 22:30 ¸χει γßνει πια θεσμüς! Το πρωτοχρονιÜτικο party του Underworld, που ξεκινÜ απü τις 10.30 το βρÜδυ, για üσους θÝλουν να κÜνουν αλλαγÞ του χρüνου μÝσα στο club, χορεýοντας υπü τους Þχους των resident […]

Wrapped In Plastic & Panos Panagiotakos present: New Years 1st

  Its The 1st Day Of 2008And After All These Boundcin PartiesWe're Gonna Chill With Some electro,electroclash,sexybass,tbm,wave,synth,ebm sounds So Bring All Ur Good Vibes And Join Our First Party For 2008  Open Bar Ermou & Ag. Theklas, Psirri  Panos Panagiotakos ( Wrapped In Plastic  (

1 year party @ Club Underworld

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Με την ευκαιρεßα της συμπλÞρωσης του πρþτου χρüνου λειτουργßας του το γιορτÜζει μÝ το πρþτο μεγÜλο party της χρονßας με δυνατÝς New Wave/Dark Wave/ Gothic/ Electro/ EBM/ Industrial μουσικÝς. 8 Djs απü ΕλλÜδα και εξωτερικü που αντιπροσωπεýουν üλα τα εßδη της dark μουσικÞς,θα συναντηθοýν στα decks του underworld στης 4/1 : George Fakinos George […] Anniversary Party – Guest DJ Ronan Harris (VNV Nation)!

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ΦεβρουÜριος 2003 – ΦεβρουÜριος 2008: 5 χρüνια λειτουργßας του μουσικοý portal Με αφορμÞ τα 5 χρüνια λειτουργßας του, το μουσικü portal διοργανþνει party την ΠαρασκευÞ 1η Φεβρουαρßου 2008 στο club Underworld με guest DJ τον Ronan Harris των VNV Nation!!!, wishing to thank all its members for their support during these 5 […]

Elmodic – Monoism

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Elmodic is a crisp and exciting new synthpop act from Germany that made a splash in the underground in 2005 with a self-released album. Now the band comes out in grand fashion, releasing the best songs from that first effort together with many new, would-be hits. With a style similar to other popular synthpop bands […]

Silica Gel – Exodo

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After the impressive debut album, "Genesis", Silica Gel naturally follow's up with "Exodo", another smashing electronic pop album that brims with intensity and passion. With songs sung in the band's native language, Spanish, even a listener who doesn't understand the words will feel the emotion in the performance. Plus, there is pure power in the […]

Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect) joins Covenant!

  The rumours that were going on recently about Daniel Myer stepping in to replace Clas Nachmanson in the Swedish electropop band Covenant appear to be true, according to an interview with Joakim Montelius that Daniel Myer published on . Daniel Myer was already active as live synthplayer and percussionist for a year, but is […]

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