–= Carl Finlow – Electrilogy plus =–

Another landmark album of essential electronic music from UK ( Manchester ) native Carl Finlow. The pedigree of music spread across the 12 timeless tracks on this killer album is snapped clearly into focus when you realise that Mr.Finlow served as support act to KRAFTWERK ( a real rarity ) when they performed a series of live gigs in Paris last year. What we have here are 12 tracks of quite beautifully constructed electronic music : melodic and lush arrangements mixing with driving basslines and stunning, clinical rhythms to create effortless and infectious tracks. “Electrilogy Plus” takes classic electro influences spanning Kraftwerk, John Foxx, YMO and modulates and mutates them into something else alltogether – from the sublime opening track “Definition” with its cool and classic electro vocals, to the floor burning “Floating Point” and “Wafer Thin” managing a killer instinct for infectious grooves and big basslines.

Coupled to this are a number of awesome downtempo and melencholy instrumentals, such as the sublime “Anomaly” and the densley programmed “Odyssey”. “Electrilogy Plus” offers shocking, intricate and direct music, a bold new statement detailing a brand new aganda for pure electronica. Beyond excellent, more like definitive – truly exciting and essential. Packaged in a gorgeous, digipak sleeve this is one release that all fans of electronic music should own : Get with the programme and set your player to repeat. Check out the multiple sound samples below.

Full Tracklisting :
01.Definition (click to listen)
04.Polygon Girl (click to listen)
05.Anomaly (click to listen)
06.Odyssey (click to listen)
07.Floating Point
08.Equilibrium (click to listen)
09.Reconcile (click to listen)
10.Night Owl
11.Wafer Thin
12.Out Of Time

Released 13th October 2003. Device.