Das Präparat – Unschuldsblicke

The project «Das Präparat» has been given birth by Dr Hyde in 2001. The album «THX LD50» proved their will of independent development departing from their beginning with Welle:Erdball. The new album «Unschuldsblick» – due to be released on July 2nd – impressively demonstrates the maturation of the project by finding its own distinct style. They stick to the combination of electro and classic piano themes but added further elements of cabaret and jazz to a new, Präparat-like style. With «Unschuldsblicke» Das Präparat delivers a very multi-faceted record. Containing lyrics about pedophilia and fears the album is dedicated to the sorrows of childhood. Furthermore it is intended to critize the social misbalance of our time. Men ought to be provoked to rethink.


The protagonist skillfully manage to be shortlasting and open-minded. Besides the previously known mixtures of various music styles, special attention was directed towards recording quality and diversity of sound. As cream-top to the extraordinary remix of «Mondscheinkind» with hard-rocking guitar riffs, pieces like «Du störst» break away from stylistic limitations of acoustic guitars. Das Präparat know how to reinvent themselves repeatedly on musical as well as visual aspects. Thus, the audience will be led to ecstasy again during their next live-concerts. Released on Scanner and available July 9th, 2010

Tracklist :

01. Komm und Spiel mit uns
02. Fetus in Fetu
03. Mondscheinkind
04. Emily
05. Onkel
06. Hysterie
07. Sucht
08. Unschuldsblicke
09. Folge mir
10. Allein
11. Du störst
12. Lilith
13. Schließ die Augen
14. Mondscheinkind (WELLENCOCKTAIL-Remix)
15. Folge mir(ins weiße Licht – Mix)
16. Spielzeugland