In The Nursery – Humberstone (Album – ITN Corporation)

Genre/Influences: Cinematic, Experimental.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: This yearTwin brothers Klive and Nigel celebrate the fortieth anniversary of their music project In The Nursery. Better than releasing a ‘best of’ they accomplished a very special conceptual work which comes as a homage to their family.

Content: Humberstone family is a true fascinating family featuring a great uncle who was active during WWI, their late father who was a well-known animator who worked on some famous films or ancestors who went to New Zealand etc. In The Nursery transposed all these stories into a Cinematic composition featuring heavy orchestral arrangements and dreamy passages accentuated by subtle piano play but still heavier, bombastic, parts with guitar playing or Trip-Hop rhythms carrying another dreamy cut. A few guests contributed by cello-, trumpet- and drums.

+ + + : I’m into conceptual releases and this one is not only original and intimate but also fascinating. It also reveals a fascinating family story. A film could have been made but the twins adapted  it into a great and entertaining Cinematic experience. There’re a few great songs featured but “Cookham Stone – The Painter” is a true sonic pearl. This album is filled with emotions characterized now by bombast and then by melancholia. Sometimes sad and sometimes a dark and menacing mood (like featured by the cool “Sulous – The Ploughmen”.

– – – : The very last part of the album sounds as a little antithesis to the great main part of the work.

Conclusion: It’s hard to say if In The Nursery has released after forty years their best album ever but it’s definitely one which will enter into history.

Best songs: “Cookham Stone – The Painter”, “Sulous – The Ploughmen”, “Emigre – The Dressmaker”.

Rate: 8.

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