Fractal – Hologram (Album – Aliens Production)

Genre/Influences: IDM, Minimal-Electro, Experimental, Cinematic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Polish solo-project Fractal is driven by Tomasz Łukowicz. Last year he released four (!) full length albums by Aliens Production. “Hologram” is the first physical release by this artist featuring fourteen songs. We get a mix of new- and previously released material.

Content: The sound universe of this composer is clearly based upon complex, but minimal Electronics. The songs are carried by deep, resonating, bass lines and mixed with crystalline bleeps and space atmospheres. Most of the tracks are driven by slow rhythms and broken beats. It remains an instrumental composition.

+ + + : Fractal already took me by surprise last year releasing some exciting productions. We now get some of the best cuts from previous albums mixed with new tracks. It’s an intelligent composition which is  diversified. Now driven by down tempo cadence and next by dynamic, broken beats. It also is a subtle composition characterized by crystalline bleeps and space atmospheres. Some cuts remind me a bit of the modern approach of Lassigue Bendthaus.

– – – : This work is not the most accessible Electro format and is probably suited for a very restricted and fine tasted number of music lovers.

Conclusion: Fractal is a great new ambassador of Aliens Production; pure Electro-intelligence!

Best songs: “A.I.”, “Sinchronized Clics”, “Gravity Is The Problem”, “Existence”, “Neuron”, “Nest”.

Rate: 8½.


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