Police raid at Marilyn Manson mansion in sexual abuse case

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The Los Angeles police raided the home of American singer Marilyn Manson in West Hollywood on Monday. The raid was allegedly made because of the ongoing investigations into Manson for sexual abuse.

Manson was not home when the police arrived and his door was forced. The officers present had a search warrant with them to allow themselves access to the property. Among other things, hard drives from computers were seized, which will be reviewed before Manson’s case is handed over to the Los Angeles prosecutor.

Manson is charged with assaulting and sexually and emotionally abusing multiple women who have come forward with their story. The singer would have a room in his house that is completely insulated against sound, in which he locked up, mistreated and abused women. Manson would have called it the ‘Bad Girls Room’. Ashley Walters, Manson’s former assistant, says her former employer liked to brag about the room.

In the past year, more than a dozen women claimed to have been abused by Manson in interviews. Four filed charges against Manson. The 52-year-old singer denies all allegations. He claims there is a smear campaign set up against him. According to him, all the sexual contacts he has had with the women involved were with their consent.

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