PledgeMusic looking for outside investors to keep the boat afloat, co-founder Benji Rogers back on board

Earlier today we posted an article on a botched PledgeMusic campaign by electro act ohGr (ohGr still waiting for almost $100,000 in funds from PledgeMusic). The platform has issued a new statement with further info on how they want to address the situation they have found themselves in for the past few months. In it PledgeMusic says that it is working around the clock to address everybody’s concerns and they add that they are “hopeful of reaching a positive resolution soon”. The company is in discussions with several parties about a potential partnership with or acquisition of PledgeMusic. PledgeMusic says that it is also in advanced discussions with an independent third-party company to manage all artist funds going forward, which proably means they want to keep the funds pledged as far away from their own operational costs as possible (which would also be a better guarantee towards future investors and acts launching campaigns via the platform). Co-founder Benji Rogers has also returned to the company as a volunteer strategic advisor and observer to the board of directors. He will assist and advise the new management and finance team on the inherited and existing issues, as well as with the forward […]

German endzeit act Dunkelwerk back with all new album ‘Waffengang’ after 5 years of silence

After 5 long years of silence, the German endzeit project Dunkelwerk returns with the all new album “Waffengang”. “Waffengang” is the project’s 4th studio album and this time as well Dunkelwerk explores the nightmare that both world wars were. Note also that “Pulverland” uses elements of the German nursery rhyme “Maikäfer flieg”. Also included is “Josef Ritter von Gadolla” which is about the execution of the commandant of the German city of Gotha who disobeyed by capitulating in front of the marching American army in the last days of WW2. The next day he was shot after a short trial for what the nazi-judges said to be the ‘Aufgabe des festen Platzes Gotha’. The album holds 11 songs which offer a clear statements against war and is being released as a special digi-sleeve packaging with extended booklet including all German lyrics. You can order the digi-sleeve CD version right here, while the download is available from Bandcamp. You can check 2 tracks already below. Dunkelwerk consists of only one person (Losttrooper) and is a pure studio project, not doing any live performances or any other public events. Dunkelwerk was signed in 2003 by the Belgian Label Alfa-Matrix and was at […]

ohGr still waiting for almost $100,000 in funds from PledgeMusic

A lot of artists have chosen to go the indie way, some leave their label and start things up themselves, distribution, production etc. others look for an extra buck by getting outside funding. All fine until your funding solution becomes a true nightmare. And that’s exactly what a lot of bands using PledgeMusic are facing including ohGr. The electro-industrial band ohGr for instance launched a funding campagn via PledgeMusic in 2017 for its fifth full-length album, “TrickS”. Via the service Nivek Ogre wanted to cover recording costs and this by offering exclusive updates an direct pre-sales of the album. 8 months after ohGr’s campaign ended, the band is still waiting for PledgeMusic to pay almost $100,000 in funds. Funds it needs to pay for production of merchandise its fans have already purchased. As a result the only thing that has been available was a digital version of the album on July 18 2018, not really great when you also started a tour without being able to offer the actual album for sale. ohGr is in the meantime also trying to explain the situation to its funders as you can see below. As it seems many other bands also face a […]

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