This is a must-see! Cleaning Women share new video for single ‘Leap Of Faith’, all played on instruments… made out of cleaning appliances. Produced by Einstuerzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke

(Photo by Klaus Welp) The Finnish trio cleaning robots return with their first album in ten years on Svart Records on February 15th: “Intersubjectivity”. The album has been mixed by Einstürzende Neubauten’s Alexander Hacke. “We wanted the album to sound like how we sound live on stage, at least to our ears. We wanted to carry our junk instruments to the finest studio we can find so that we could bring out the smallest nuances of the sound our instruments produce.” The band recorded the album in the brand new E-Studio in Sipoo, Finland, with as few overdubs as possible. The studio sessions took a mere five days, as did the mixing. Here’s a photo of the list of instruments they have used. After the previous album “U” the band have spent their time with a number of multidisciplinary projects, including music for documentaries and movies and live soundtracks to silent movies, and also played over 500 shows in over 20 countries. The band also took part in, among others, the Parallax art exhibition in Mexico City, which showcased Finnish modern art. Cleaning Women was founded in 1996. The band plays melodic rhythm music with electronically reinforced household utensils such […]

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