‘Click Interview’ with Sieben: ‘My Music Turned More Punk And Angry’

Hailing from Sheffield (UK) Matt Howden claims ‘providing the soundtrack to your apocalypse experience’! Matt Howden set up Sieben in 1999 as a solo-work, but it also is a very specific project where he is singing and playing a Kevlar violin. The way of playing is something unique, definitely experimental, but still sensitive. Sieben has released multiple productions and collaborative albums. We this year welcome the new album “2020 Vision” released on Howden’s own Redroom label. It’s a reflection about the world we’re living in, but still a truly artistic creation accomplished by a passionate artist. I think you’ll feel Matt’s passion in this interview.   (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: I think the lockdown also has its good sides; you never have been that prolific –releasing the “Lockdown Sieben”-series and creative -referring to your lockdown streaming concerts where you played in your socks! Tell us a bit more about both concepts and the experiences properly speaking? Matt: 2020 started normally enough. I was writing an album about the impending apocalypse (as usual, of course) ready for European dates, tour and release later in the year. Then Covid 19 changed all that. All concerts, including my two-night ‘live DVD […]

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