Pink Turns Blue – Storm

Things that take such a long time need to be good, or? At least that is the opinion of the band and they have after all decided to put the best 10 songs onto a CD called Storm and to make it available to the public via Strobelight Records.

It’s only a few weeks from now and simultaneously the Strobelight Records Boys have given in to their fetishism and manufactured a Vinyl Single version with 2 songs on it in a strictly limited number. Luckily the number of copies is greater than 3 and 297 other selectors and fetishists have the possibility to order it directly from

In the  second part of August a CD-single with 3 songs will be played in the clubs.

The other 7 songs including the 3 singles can be bought as a physical CD including a cover, artwork, booklet and so on or be downloaded off the Internet.

The current line-up live:

Mic Jogwer: vocals and guitars
Brigid Anderson: keyboards
Ruebi Walter: guitars
Reini Walter: bass
Andreas Plappert: dums