Dope Stars Inc – Criminal Intents / Morning Star

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Double Feature EP.

Street date: 20th April 2009 on Trisol, Metropolis and Subsound Records.

Neuromantics and future dreamers.

A new chapter of hardwired euphoria and vicious disintegration. In the world machine, outlaw technologists fighting for the grid conquest in the underground of the urban sprawl. Megacorps and infonomics rising, synthesized cults spreading digital disease. Just few rules to follow:

Wear technologies, get addicted to it, adore the machine and enter the matrix of beauty and decay. Ready for the next netrip, hunting the next node.

Powered are are our gears, overdriven is our core.

We are the children of the zero and one.
Pure nuclear drive for digital warriors.

We are all survivors in the world machine.
We are Dope Stars Incorporated.

You will get a shoot out of it on 20th April with the release of a new double feature EP "Criminal Intents / Morning Star" that will be followed straight after by the full lenght album in June. This brand new EP, produced, recorded and mixed by Victor Love at Subsound Studio during the new album sessions, will feature 2 tracks from the upcoming album and 2 additional exclusive tracks among a massive load of remixes by bands such as Kmfdm, Mortiis, Gothminister, Spiritual Front among the others. The EP also feature a cover version of "Jasmine and Rose" by Clan Of Xymox recorded in the early days and never released before and the original demo version of Vyperpunk. The album willbe rekeased in Europe as a digipack 2p and in USA/Canada as Jewel case with 4 pages booklet and full lyrics. On Trisol, Metropolis and Subsound Records.


01 Criminal Intents
02 Digital Warriors
03 Morning Star
04 Nothing Is Left
05 Lost (Remixed By KMFDM)
06 Can you Imagine (Remixed By Gothminister)
07 Braindamage (Scumsuckers Mix By Mortiis)
08 Lost (Remixed By Lovecrave)
09 Braindamage (Remixed By Deflore)
10 Can You Imagine (Spiritual Front Cover Version)
11 Bang Your Head (Remixed By Reverend Hellbastard)
12 Braindamage (Remixed By Crossbreed)
13 Can You Imagine (Remixed By Violent Diva)
14 Jasmine & Rose (Cover Version)
15 Vyperpunk (Demo Version)

Artwork and design by Rhett Podersoo @ Machine Room
More updates about the new album production will be announced in the upcoming weeks.