Die Krupps – Volle Kraft Voraus & I re-release

The German Die Krupps are re-releasing two classic albums "Volle Kraft Voraus" and "I" by the end of August. The remixed re-issue of "Volle Kraft Voraus" holds such industrial floor classics as "Goldfinger", "Volle Kraft Voraus", "Tod & Teufel" and the hit "Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn", later re-recorded with Nitzer Ebb. The re-issue is released as a double album with CD1 featuring the remixed original album, and CD2 featuring the original versions plus the bonus tracks "Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn" in the 2 original 12" versions.

"I" from its side featured such hits as "Metal Machine Music", their cover version of Metallica's "One" and of course "Machineries of Joy", the Die Krupps' initiated joint venture with Nitzer Ebb – a remake of their 80s classic "Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn". This 2CD re-release comes with the Atom H mixes (Atom H being the name of Jürgen Engler's first own label, founded in the 80ies) and 3 exclusive bonus-mixes on CD1. CD 2 includes the original album plus 5 early demo-versions of later Krupps-songs including "Mabuse", later to become a worldwide hit for Propaganda. Not such a surprise as Die Krupps' Ralf Dörper founded the band Propaganda in 1982 after leaving Die Krupps. In 1989 he returned to Die Krupps.