Somegirl – The Velvet Hour

Active ImageSomegirl's third album continues to build on the band's established sound, blending smooth, sensual vocals with electronic soundscapes that span the spectrum, from lush, drifting ballads, to uptempo dance-club hits. Included with the dozen original new songs on THE VELVET HOUR are three memorable cover versions of hits from Duran Duran and ABBA, and the old-time classic "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps".



This is an album that is as smooth as
the title suggests– pop songs that brush past the listener like



Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Careless Memories
2. Shes At the Discotheque
3. Ive Loved (Before)
4. Iteration
5. I Lie
6. Elektrik Love
7. Lace and Curls
8. Stay
9. Miserably
10. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
11. Still Waiting (Featuring MC Vanna)
12. A Touch
13. Super Trouper
14. Midnight Composition #3
15. Tiny Cries
16. Spaceman 02