Various Artists – Synthesizer Dance Volume 9

Active ImageThe latest in the
long-running series of synthesizer dance (also known as "space
synth") music from the Hypersound Productions label is out!


again it is packed with science-fiction influenced, yet
retro-flavored melodic instrumental synthpop music that can get your
toes tapping, while at the same time provide a nice background while
you're relaxing on the sofa dreaming of old Star Trek plots.



Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Sonicwaves – TOM LACY
2. Give Me Your Love (Synth Edit) – N2L
3. Return From The Moon – KLAAS BIJLAND
4. S.O.S. From Space (Vocoder Mix)- DAYLIGHT
5. Black Hole – NEUTRON
6. Lover Of Life – JAN SCHIPPER
7. Voodoo Mission (Synthmix) – HUMPHREY ROBERTSON
8. Uranus – NEUTRON
9. What Kind Of Magic (Galaxy Mix) – HYPSOMATIC
10. Lost Planet (Synthmix) – DAYLIGHT
11. Claustrophobia (Dub Remix) – GUSTAF GREFBERG
12. In The Night – (Old School Mix) – FUTURESPACE