Nebula-H – rH


4 years after their DAC charting 2nd album "H20", the Belgian electro commando Nebula-H returns with the 3rd and final chapter of their "H" trilogy. And it will be a Big Bang as the new material can easily be situated between the "H" debut album (inc. the massive "Twilight Zone", "White Light" and more) and "H20" (feat. "Mobilis in mobile" and "Portrait of a soul"). The album also holds the first new material from the band's new main songwriter Noa, known from that other Belgian EBM formation Propulsion. Mika Goedrijk (THIS MORN' OMINA) from his side focused his expertise on the production aspect of the album this time resulting in material that reveals a harsher tone and a straighter attitude which is more or less reflecting the 'rage' feel that the band has been going through over the last 2 years. The band's most recent new material was tested out last month as support for Hocico and was extremly well received resulting in various concert bookings.

Alfa Matrix has now launched the pre-sales of the album while DJ's have been given a 2-track holding the songs "Head Off" and "Freaksfull for club play. Seeing the first comments, it leaves no doubt that this new Nebula-H album will be a big hit. Fans can also order the limited 2CD carton box holding a bonus disc with exclusive tracks and special additional collaborations with other Belgian bands like Trimtrick, Psy'Aviah and (the brand-new side-project of Noa and Deranged Psyche). Recommended !

Head for to hear the audio previews and to enjoy the various packets that are being sold of this new release including a trilogy packet holding all 3 albums.