Early Works of Peter Andersson (Raison d`Etre) Side Project Available

No Image The early works ''Moments of Sleeping Sadness'' from this now very well known by its organic drone ambient soundscapes project of Peter Andersson (raison d'etre), but you can't find slow ambient passages on this CD. This music must be described as Modern Classical or Gothic if we talk about its sad and mysterious nature. These tunes remind a bit of his main project Raison d'etre but yet more powerful and majestic. Beautiful and Melancholic compositions to take your soul to other dimensions! Could find appeal with fans of In The Nursery, Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites, early Ildfrost, Penitent, Endvra, Arcana or even the gothic icon Dead Can Dance. Die for this record!!! 








1. The Dormant Being
2. A second very heavy Grief
3. Soporific
4. In Mourning
5. Threshold over Times
6. Water from Arcane Delight
7. Sadnight
8. The Dormant Being
9. A second very heavy Grief
10. From Sadness to Somnolence
11. In mourning
12. Glassworks
13. Rainnight
14. Soporific

All titles created by Peter Andersson in 1991-1992.
Titles 1-4, 8-11 first appeared on the demo tape 'Sadness & Somnolence'
(1991). Titles 5-7, 12-14  first appeared on the demo tape 'The Voices of
Eternity Which Calls for the Captives of the Time' (1992).
Titles 1-7 are re-mixes from 1996 and 1999.
Titles 8-14 are taken from the original demo tapes.


(source: Gothtronic)