New single of Finland’s dark electro duo Miseria Ultima out now!

Finland's dark electro duo Miseria Ultima breaks the silence!

(Pictures by Ari Rantanen.) The Finnish based dark-electro duo Miseria Ultima (Aleksi Martikainen on vocals and Kimmo Huhtala on synths) are back. They have just released their brand new single “Allegiance” this morning.

About their comeback the band says: “The time was more than perfect. The hurries have now ceased – at least in our personal lives. During the break we also had time to finish our second album, making some finishing touches. We are more than excited for this return; we are grateful that people still want to see us live and have waited patiently.”

The digital release of the new single will be handled by Inverse Records, which will also be handling the digital release of the yet to be announced second full length album. The physical version of the album will be released by Advoxya Records.

Here’s the band’s debut album “Phosphor” (2017 – Advoxya Records) to check out, it got the high score of 8½ when it was reviewed on Side-Line.

Miseria Ultima was formed in Finland, by Aleksi Martikainen and Kimmo Huhtala in 2016. The music of Miseria Ultima combines EBM and dark electro with some other electronic music ingredients. After forming Miseria Ultima they recorded the demo “Unfocus” and released it as a digital version in the beginning of 2017. Soon after they were signed by Advoxya Records. You can read an interview with Miseria Ultima right here as published in March 2018 on Side-Line.

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