Combichrist – EveryBody Hates You

combichristWell, I do not know what kind of words I should use in order to describe what I feel about the person behind Icon of Coil, Combichrist and Panzer Ag, Andy LaPlegua. I am not sure how this guy manages to have at his possession 3 projects at the same time and actually release masterpieces with all of them. His unquestionable talent as well as the need to release music that is not available in the clubs' dancefloors made Andy work on the Combichrist project and release his first double Cd work titled "Everybody Hates You".

Well I am sure and take the responsibility and tell you for sure one thing..this shit will Fcku you up!! The first Cd has 13 songs most of them moving from noisy dancefloor Ebm and IBM to pounding distorted beats with an Icon of Coil riff covering the main part of each song. Andy is surely pissed because his vocals are either distorted or aggressive leaving Icon of Coil's sensitivity aside, offering to us a whole new face that we needed to see and hear. Need of expression or not, Combichrist can not be noticed since tracks such as This shit will —- you up, Without Emotions, Blut Royale, Enjoy the abuse and of course my favorite Today I woke in the rain of blood can not pass unnoticed. This Cd is a headache to all dj's since it won't be easy neither to play one song nor to decide which song they should pick. As far as the second Cd is concerned, it is somehow different from the abovementioned moving into more experimental paths but surely a good addition that to be honest with you suits fine with the first Cd. Definitely recommended for Electronic and Industrial Body Music fans as well as all those who like hard electro. I never rate an album but I owe to give a 10/10.