Stin Scatzor – Industrogression (Black Flames Records)

stscLets get harder. Well I suppose all the industrial freaks out there would probably know Stin Scatzor. They have already released two albums and now they strike back with their new masterpiece. Well the title is descriptive enough for anyone who still has not understood the musical forms of the band. Industrial at its best and the party starts with the opening track “Will Die For The Last Time”. This tune has all the features to become a hit. Characteristic melody, up tempo beat, screaming mechanized vocals etc. The guitar provides the song with much more strength and prepares us for just a little more blood on the dance floor. The opening track is followed by “It doesn’t Matter” but it doesn’t really matter if I don’t write something special about it, cause it sounds just ok to me. Another great tune is the remake of “Vernix Caseosa” a great dark and majestic track able to cut like a razor. Going further with the listening of this mechanized musical piece we will meet “Blood (I&II)”, probably this is the most haunted tune of all the record, especially its introduction prepares us for the final breaking which finally happens into the second part of the song. “I wanna see if your blood is white, I wanna know if you die tonight…”. Then we got the title track "Industrogression", cold and strong enough as its title. I simply agree with the lyrical point of the next song about the mess with religious wars. Maybe this track (The end Of Mankind) could be the ideal soundtrack for the last day of our poor world, especially the keyboards in the introduction, but unfortunately I am not the one who is going to decide so lets move to the next one. “(I Know) You dislike me” is one of the most up temp tunes of the CD I love to hear it played loud on a club. Well even the industrial freaks fall in love (sometimes) and the next song called “Guardian Angel” proves it. Just read its lyrics and you will understand. The final tracks “Sweet Hell” and “Morphine” are also very well (especially the synth-work on Sweet Hell). Morphine is also another cool dance tune.

Well I think I was quite descriptive as far as the material of this CD. Because I know that lots of you out there loves industrial sutff and dies hard for bands like Suicide Commando etc (yeap this band reminds me a lot of Sucide Commando) and because I also know that Stin Scatzor already have many fans I shall not add anything because I am sure that you will check their new CD.