Ophelia’s Garden – Loveternal

ogLoveternal is Ophelia's Garden's second album. The recordings lasted almost a year [June 1999 till May 2000]. As O.G. have said, "Loveternal is a very carefully selected unity. Different experiences from the past, the present and [why not?] the future, all joined together with the love of eternity and eternal love…" Loveternal is divided in two parts. Love and Eternal. 


The first part, Love, starts will a magnificent instrumental introduction, called Intro of love (can never die), which takes you at once to the O.G.'s dream-land. The second song [tearing down] Your face, is a bittersweet song, "But every time the mirror breaks, I'm tearing down your face, I have a heart of glass that aches, In silence, hate and grace", which combines sorrowful lyrics with a great melody. "And the empty streets will always tell me, you're so far away and I'm behind the mask of smile" Petros sings in the third track, which is a bit faster but it still holds the unique identity that all O.G. songs have. The fourth track is a love-convo, where we listen for the first time Maria Batistatou. Great lyrics once again "But still no matter what they say love cannot just disappear, only sometimes it slips away & lives again away from here. & I believe what they call 'forever' is just a kiss in a cold December, kiss me again in my dreams …and stay…" And our visit in the dreamland continues with another instrumental track, called The Blue…, which smoothly transfers us to the sixth track of the first part the "Wanderer in Love", after dark always come the dawn for the wonderers in love…Heaven is always purple and always sad in "Midnight Paradise Blue", while the last song of the part 1 invites us to get lost ..in the forest of Myth (before the music ends, we'll be floating in fantasy).


The second part, Eternal, begins with a rather carefree instrumental introduction, Intro of eternal (things I wish for you). 'At the beginning of this path Dream looks like Life itself. And at the end of it Life itself looks like a dream'. And "Forever and Ever" a love-tale deranges the atmosphere that the first part had made, with more powerful melodies. But "Man in the circle" is here to get things back on track with additional instruments like saxophone and blues guitar. "The soul taking ship" reminded me of an old Celtic song at the beginning 'Tonight I feel like I'm a dancing elf..' but actually it is another tale about the soul taking ship..(is coming for me). "The Hunter" another powerful track and another tale as well -she kills for living and blood tastes like salt in her lips that he wants forever to seal-."Game with fate" the fourteenth track of the album is 'erotic and dangerous' while the last song of the second part and of the entire album "Welcome home" is a really sweet one revealing the power of the true feelings. "..no complain for all those years of pain. 'welcome home' you said, 'welcome back to me', . . ., 'I never knew why I had to leave, maybe I had nothing more to give'.

In short:


01.intro of love (can never die)

02.(tearing down) Your face

03.Behind the mask of smile

04.Whatever happens

05.The Blue

06.Wanderers in love

07.Midnight Paradise blue

08.Never ending


09.intro of eternal (things I wish for you)

10.Forever and ever

11.Man in the circle

12.Soul taking ship

13.The Hunter

14.Game with fate 1

5.Welcome home

It is a nice album, which will leave you a fading smile on your face…