ASP – GeistErfahrer

ASP are versatile. Changeable. Without compromise. Not only is singer and mastermind Asp the person who brought us the 'gothic novel rock' genre, and at the same time he never fails to write, indeed describe, the often rapidly expanding stories on a personal and emotional level. Despite all the complexity, he nevertheless makes it easy for you to empathasise with such sombre figures as the 'Schwarzer Schmetterling', to fall in love with a spooky decoy called 'Astoria', as the 'Zaubererbruder'. There can always be found a subliminal tone that is critical of society and which induces you to contemplation. Social ethics are woven in as an element that comes alive. On "GeistErfahrer" album Asp got his good friend Timo Wuerz on board, who created over 50 (!) pages of new artwork for the re-release.

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