–=Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows – La Chambre D’Echo=–

Ltd CD BOX SET. Limited CD Box Set : 2000 Copies Worldwide Only. Once again Gothic legends Sopor Aeternus return with another monumental and unique release. ”La Chambre D’Echo – Where The Dead Birds Sing” is a truly incomparable release, coming available as a LIMITED BOX SET version and a LIMITED DOUBLE VINYL Picture Disc version ONLY.
Please note, their is NO regular CD issue of this release.

The Music :
” La Chambre D’Echo – Where The Dead Birds Sing” was once again recorded and produced by John A Rivers at the famous UK Woodbine studios. From here a highly inspired album has emerged, a masterpiece of production-technique, filled with an astonishing multitude of fresh, yet undeniably dark melodies. Each single track has been composed with obvious care, and competently they manage to sail around the shoals of electronic pop-music of the last 25 years : heavy church-organs are light-handedly operated alongside analogue sound-machines, baroque chamber-music and synthetic sequences. Mighty brass-sections chase agile dulcimers, delicate flutes, funeral-bells and nimble string-arrangements – all counter pointed by massive bass-lines and powerful drum-rhythms. A sublime mixture of German ( Electro ) Avantgarde and contemporary Neo-classical. Added to these unique soundworlds Anna Varney’s unmistakable and varied voice ( somewhere between David Sylvian and Rozz Williams ) displays great softness and warmth, even when s/he suddenly changes into a broken falsetto, a delicate choir or a ghostly visitation.

The Book :
After successful collaborations on previous Sopor Aeternus releases, the incomparable Anna Varney and the internationally celebrated artist Joachim Luetke once again join together to give birth to the dismayingly dark and gloomy original artwork in this book. Undeniably sad and grotesquely beautifull it takes oriental influences laced with pain, desperation, mental and physical decay. The all-devouring presence of Death is ( of course ) the evidently predominant subject, with images and lyrics adjusted to continuously offer further levels of interpretation. The breath-takingly morbid androgynous / erotic photos / scenes for this 128-pages art-printing, which accompanies and completes the CD, have been exclusively shot on location within the ancient treatment rooms and cells of the pathological / anatomical museum in Vienna / Austria, the so-called “Narrenturm” ( “Tower of Fools” ) – a former insane-asylum built in 1783.

Book And CD Version :

Available as a limited edition of 2000 copies worldwide this exclusive box set contains : 128 pages hardcover book ( German A4 sized ), exclusive art-print on high-quality paper, bound in fine linen, all handmade with pages sewed and glued. Packaged in a specially manufactured, linen-covered box. Also contains a 20 page supplement ( German A5 ) containing anatomical drawings and translations of all lyrics by the artist ( Anna Varney ) him-/herself. Furthermore this exquisite collectors box contains a set of 16 postcards ( separately packaged ), 14 black bookmarks ( also separately packaged ), as well as additional info-material on Vienna’s pathological-anatomical ” Narrenturm ” museum. Each of these copies is certified by facsimile signatures of both the artist JOACHIM LUETKE and the producer JOHN A. RIVERS, and have been individually numbered, signed and sealed in water resistent wax-paper in a personal extravagant ritual by the artist Anna Varney.

RELEASED 14th June 2004. Trisol.