***V/A – ant-zen . 10y . rmx_comp***

Motivated by the 10th birthday of the cult record label Ant-zen, Esfinter Technologies®, an audiovisuals arts colective, had produced the “ant-zen . 10y . rmx_comp” sampler, a compilation totally made in Mexico by mexican talents focussed on render homage to the artist whom created and perpetrated the characteristic sound of Ant-zen. This cd includes 10 tracks and a bonus track of the most important figures of the label (Synapscape, Imminent, Hypnoskull, Vromb, Conventer) remixed on oddly styles by local artist of the distorted and intelligent electronic music scene in Mexico. Synthetic melodies and complex sonorous abstractions with all the IDM methodism, industrial frecuencies and furious rhythms as rhythmic noise demands. Analogous modulations and raw-shaded atmospheres unavoidably calling forth the sound of power electronics. Psychotics breakbeats pitched and distorted, glitch assaults; breakcore sounds like this. All this with a personal touch by the mexican elecronic musicians. The artists taking part in this sampler
are: Onirismo Autómata (Esfinter Technologies®), DreadMechanic (Strike Records), Monoploid (Discos Konfort), Lumen Lab (Abolipop Records), Barely Legal (Esfinter Technologies®), Control Click, Encefalisis (Binaria), Side_Body (Esfinter Technologies®), Tuareg Geeks, G hiz (Igloo Música) and TSAdHE (Esfinter Technologies®). “ant-zen . 10y . rmx_comp” was gathered and produced by Carlos Abrego aka Daesfinta specially for the “ant-zen . 10y . 10 years of noise” event, which is going to carry through on saturday 15th of May year 2004, in Dada-X Club. The only way you can get this cd is by going to the party, the compilation will be given out to the public in exchange for their cover tiket. The “ant-zen . 10y . rmx_comp” compilation is a limited edition up to 100 copies.


1 . Axiome – Aphte (no tengas miedo remix) by TSAdHE
2 . Vromb – Virus Annaxe (remix) by Control Click
3 . Synapscape – I know, you know (remix) by Lumen Lab
4 . Black Lung – Theme from Black Lung PT 1 (revise and modernize remix) by Dreadmechanic
5 . Azure Skies – Hydrazine (Ethylenediamine remix) by Monoploid
6 . Hypnoskull vs Imminent (HypNent remix) by Onirismo Automata
7 . Synapscape – I know, you know (body remix) by Side_Body
8 . Pal – Gelobnis (achtung barely ist hier mix) by Barely Legal
9 . Converter – Error (geek remix) by Tuareg Geeks
10 . Venetian snares – Find Candace (fckd skrtch rmx) by G hiz

bonus track

11 . Noisex – bang tha´ beat bastard (golpe al bastardo remix) by Encefalisis

all remixes released by Esfinter Technologies® 2004 http://www.esfinter.org

all original tracks remixed under permission of ant-zen records http://www.ant-zen.com

all info about the remixers: http://www.esfinter.org/antzen10