Year: 2018

John Bergin releases remastered editions of Trust Obey soundtrack to iconic underground comic

In 1994, a special edition of James O’Barr’s graphic novel The Crow was released by Kitchen Sink Press and Graphitti Designs, containing a soundtrack album created by John Bergin under his moniker of Trust Obey, titled Fear and Bullets. The album was later released via Deezal/Invisible Records in 1999 as a standalone item featuring remixed […]

ODDKO launch sensational video for ‘Disobey’ – watch here!

The brand new industrial alternative rock project ODDKO has released a new single called “Disobey” via a music video released today. You can watch the video below. ODDKO is a new Los Angeles based music project lead by Giovanni Bucci, award winning director who worked on two music videos for Korn, as well as promos for Red Bull and MTV. As motion designer Gio has also been involved on several film titles including: “Star Trek”, “Ninja Turtles” and “RoboCop”. “Disobey” is the first single released by ODDKO, part of the debut album – “Escape the Maze” – fusing metal, electronics, orchestral elements and cinematic sounds. The album includes guest vocals by Veronika Coassolo (Tricky, Subsonica), drums by Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse) and it was mastered by Howie Weinberg (Rammstein, Madonna, Metallica…). More tracks will be released over the following months.

GoFight – Tokyo Sexwale

Category: Electroscuzz / Industrial
Album: Tokyo Sexwale
Blurb: As fearless and as poignant in its lyrical themes as it is sophisticated in its blend of industrial, funk, dance, and rock, the fourth album from Chicago electroscuzz band GoFight …

Rhys Fulber – Your Dystopia, My Utopia

Rhys Fulber
Category: Industrial / Electronic / Experimental
Album: Your Dystopia, My Utopia
Blurb: One of modern music’s most revered and prolific artists and producers, Rhys Fulber finally goes solo with this first full-length album wherein he revels in his element and crafts an audio habitat suitable for cybernetic entity.

With a list of production, remix, and performance credits […]

Angelspit – Puncture Marks (Black Dog Bite Remix Album)

Category: Electro / Industrial / Punk
Album: Puncture Marks
Blurb: Like any good remix album, this companion to Angelspit’s “Tough as F*ck” 2017 album runs through a gamut of complementary styles, yet is a cohesive and enjoyable collection.

Remix albums are nothing new in the realm of underground music, and yet we still enjoy hearing how different […]

‘Click Interview’ with Henric De La Cour: ‘Death Is No Longer My Close Confidant’

Five years after the last album, Swedish electro-veteran Henric De La Cour, unleashed the third full length of his sonic brainchild. “Gimme Daggers” has been again released on Progress Productions and it is without a shadow of doubt the most intimate and accomplished work to date. The album is a passionate electro/indie-pop driven opus inspired by the long suffering from the artist. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: The new album “Gimme Daggers” seems to get only very positive feedback. Is this your most accomplished- and favorite work to date and what do flattering critics and the enthusiasm of the fans mean for an artist? Henric: This album was kind of difficult to do after “Mandrills” which I thought was a very strong album, up there with “Hollywood And Wolfman” by Strip Music, so it took years for me to write something that I didn´t thought was absolute rubbish, but it came out great in the end. The critics mean quite a bit I would say. It is always nice when people like something that you have worked on for five years, you know. Q: “Gimme Daggers” sounds as your most accomplished and still intimate release. What did you try […]

Threatin: a band no-one ever heard of and which managed to book a tour (which no-one attended)

Los Angeles act Threatin has taken the art of posing to a next level. The one-man project, ‘the bizarre lovechild of Jon Bon Jovi and Tommy Wiseau himself’ as a YouTuber calls him, is being accused of faking its fanbase in order to score a European tour. A tour which no one attended in the end, except for a few coïncidental attendees. To get the band the necessary credibility fake show footage was used to make it look like they were playing in front of large crowds, YouTube views, comments and followers were bought, and there were also quite a lot of Facebook likes and commenters bought to fake the band’s popularity. And he also bought quite a lot of fake Spotify followers as his track counts don’t add up compared to the number of followers. But all that crumbled to bits when the Threatin tour kicked off on November 1. Although the band’s agent had claimed they had sold 291 tickets in advance, only three people showed up at the Underworld in London. The same thing happened at The Exchange in Bristol: 180 tickets ‘sold’ but again only few people showed up—all of which were from the opening band’s […]

Pan Sonic’s Ilpo Väisänen releases tribute album to Mika Vainio as I-LP-ON: ‘ÄÄNET’

Pan Sonic’s Ilpo Väisänen returns to Editions Mego under the guise of I-LP-ON with a tribute to the outfit he played in alongside his friend and former creative partner Mika Vainio. “ÄÄNET” takes inspiration from the life of PAN SONIC, the outfit they were part of for over 2 decades. Recorded in Kuopio, Barcelona and Karttula, ÄÄNET offers a blend of industrial, ambient, dub and club. The recordings were made during the 2000 Pan Sonic world tour. Pan Sonic were a Finnish electronic music group founded in Turku in 1993. The group consisted of Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen, and Sami Salo. Salo left in 1996 leaving Pan Sonic a duo. The group was originally named Panasonic until 1998 when the corporation of the same name threatened legal action unless it was changed. In December 2009, it was announced that Pan Sonic would disband after their concerts that month. Their final album, “Gravitoni”, was released by Blast First Petite in May 2010. “Oksastus”, a live album recorded in 2009, was released in 2014. Here’s a first preview.

Miss FD releases video for ‘Krampus Song’ single

Just in time for the holidays, Dark Electropop artist Miss FD releases her new Jazz influenced single “Krampus Song”. Recorded with live instruments, this playful, upbeat and jazzy Holiday themed tune is all about the Krampus! Krampus is a companion of Saint Nicholas in Central European folklore, a figure who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved. A fun lyric video, including artwork by renowned comic book artist Chandra Free is available to promote the track. The song is available worldwide on all major streaming outlets through Quantum Release Records. Below is the video. The Miss FD project began in 2009 a debut album “Monsters in the Industry” was released in 2010, followed by the albums “Love Never Dies” in 2011, “Comfort for the Desolate” in 2013, and most recently, “Transcendence”, in March of 2018.

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