Year: 2018

Give-away time: free tickets for the annual massive New Wave Club Class-X Party in Aarschot (BE)

Just like each year we are giving away free tickets for the annual massive New Wave Club Class-X Party in Aarschot (BE). This year the party takes place on Saturday March 10th at the Stadsfeestzaal in Aarschot (BE). We have 5 free tickets to give away. To win one of these tickets, just hit ‘I want a free ticket‘ below. You have exactly 8 days to participate! The music on this evening will be provided by DJ Wildhoney. You can expect a mix of New Wave / Punk / Electronic Body Music / and other dark classics from the ’70’s, ’80’s, ’90’s, ’00’s. Also, this year there is a Simple Minds and Neon Judgement special.

Super sweet new Valentine’s Day single out by Cosmic Armchair – listen here

“Valentine” is a brand new super sweet single (available here on Bandcamp) by the rising Singapore synthpop act Cosmic Armchair. “Valentine” is the second single taken from the band’s recent electropop album “Contact” and features an eclectic set of Asian musicians creating a very versatile set. The duo for instance collaborated with Yoshino Yoshikawa, a Tokyo based electronic music producer who offers a more downtempo lounge version of the title track. The second remix is by Brannlum, a Singapore based future bass producer and remixer (Jasmine Sokko, Veronica x Thieves), who offers a very danceable version of the Cosmic Armchair duo’s song. The bonus track is an acoustic reworking of the band’s previous single “Falling”, with a piano performance by Bang Wenfu, one of Asia’s top music arrangers (Kit Chan, Jackie Cheung, A-Mei, S.H.E and Jolin Tsai). Enjoy this single below. You can download it from Bandcamp and from/via all other download/streaming platforms. Bandcamp users, use the 25% discount code sideline2518 when checking out. Valentine EP by COSMIC ARMCHAIR

50% off vinyl test pressings Front Line Assembly, Cevin Key, Die Krupps, … – here’s your discount code valid for 24 hours!

Here’s an offer you can’t possibly refuse. Storming The Base is offering vinyl test pressings from a huge list of bands at 50% off. To get the 50% reduction, simply use the discount code love (it’s Valentine’s Day after all!). In the list you’ll find vinyl test pressings from such bands as Front Line Assembly, Cevin Key, Die Krupps, Download, Psyche, Controlled Bleeding, The Diodes, Doubting Thomas, Apoptygma Berzerk, Wumpscut, Juno Reactor, Haujobb, Pankow, and many more. Here’s an oversight of all the test pressings for this Valentine’s Day special only! Below is an example of one of the test pressings.

‘Click Interview’ with Gatto Nero: ‘A Good Groove And Harsh Beats’

Belgian industrial veteran Herman Klapholz is internationally known and recognized for his Ah-Cama Sotz project. He got involved in multiple other projects, but his newest creation Gatto Nero is without a shadow of a doubt the most surprising project he ever get involved with. It remains dark and featuring industrial elements, but in the first place it’s ‘techno’ music! The debut album “A_Drum” released on Hands brings industrial- and techno music closer while it might appeal for a wider audience. I asked Herman Klapholz about his ‘dark cat’… (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Gatto Nero sounds to me as your most surprising project ever! Do you think it’s the kind of ‘sound-direction’ you could have experimented with when you were younger and what did you try to express with Gatto Nero? Herman: Well, I’ve been listening to ‘dance’ music since a long time. I am a seventies child so, I’ve been ‘injected’ with lots of dance movements since then. I remember the start of techno in the eighties, quite harsher dance/music style than most of soul and funk bands in that period. I remember that even in the nineties/2000, friends told me, techno music was finished. Dead ahead. Couldn’t […]

Sol Invictus announces new album

Trailblazing English neo-folk act Sol Invictus has announced its latest album, Necropolis will be released on April 13 via Prophecy Productions. Founding member Tony Wakeford describes the eagerly waited follow up to 2014’s Once Upon a Time as “a record based on and brought forth from London and the serpent Thames that snakes its way […]

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