Year: 2018

Double interview: Alex Møklebust (Zeromancer/Seigmen) and Stephan Groth (Apoptygma Berzerk) about remixing

SnifferGod, aka Alex Møklebust from Zeromancer and Seigmen, produced one of the best remixes of the 20-something tracks for the Electro Spectre remix contest. With fellow Norwegian Stephan Groth of Apoptygma Berzerk, they share some thoughts about remixing in general, the creative process behind, analogue gear, and other things related to remixing other peoples music.

Mechatronic unveil video for the song ‘A Life Pretending’ taken from their album ‘Still Life’

The Swedish electropop act Mechatronic have launched a video for the song “A Life Pretending”. You can view it below, but do read the circumstances in which it was shot right under the video. The video was shot in Gothenburg in rather cold weather so it seems: “We started filming the “live clip”, showing in the movie theater, dressed in summer clothes. We swept us in warm blankets between the takes, but were still ice cold after a while, and Emma in her sleeveless dress could hardly play on the keyboard with her stiff fingers. On film we looked all red nosed and frozen, with bright red fingers to white keys, but that freezing feeling was nicely removed afterward in the color setting. The robot suit wasn’t much warmer, and since the robot scenes were recorded later in the evening the temperature had dropped even further. Emma was at first a bit nervous about acting on camera, but with the professional coaching by an experienced director it was no problem when the time came. It was a good thing she could feel comfortable in the situation since the robot suit attracted both eyes and comments. Especially at McDonalds where we […]

VNV Nation debuts official video for ‘When is the future’

VNV Nation have released their latest (10th) studio album, “Noire”. The album is out since October 12th (available here on vinyl) , also the day VNV embarked on a world tour. The band’s first official video for “When Is The Future?” can be viewed below. The clip takes us on a tour of Tokyo, following Harris throughout the city and was directed by Michael Winkler. The new VNV Nation album “Noire” will get 2 versions. A limited edition double black vinyl (available here) and a digipak version (available here). Both versions will have the same tracklist being this one: 01 A Million 02 Armour 03 God of All 04 Nocturne No.7 05 Collide 06 Wonders 07 Immersed 08 Lights go out 09 Guiding 10 When is the Future 11 Only Satellites 12 Requiem for Wires 13 All our Sins. This is the first album which will be released after Mark Jackson left the band. Jackson had participated as live drummer at concerts since the mid 1990s. “Noire” is planned for release in October 2018 and will be accompanied by a tour.

Euringer – Euringer

Euringer is a counter-culture, surreal, psychedelic, art house, avant-garde, possibly posthumous concept project from Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence fame. Featuring guest vocals from Grimes, Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and Chantal Claret – and also staring Jimmy’s Mom and Dad for good measure! – the record is one  long song/musical/concerto, as if an underground movie was made for your ears. “I wanted it to sound as if Depeche Mode hired J. Dilla and DJ Premier to drop loops while Frank Zappa produced, and then I came in and shit all over it,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy shares his innermost musical insights through sixteen songs, two covers (Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” and Michael McDonald’s “What A Fool Believes”) four guest stars and one Jimmy. Damn he is really hyping up this record —  it better be good!

He continues, “I was having fun exploring my brain and I wanted to invite my friends to have fun with me immersing myself in another time and space, bit by bit, gaining its form from my daily life into a surreal stream of consciousness.”

From trigger warnings to Martin Niemöller quotes, from reading himself to boasting and testing, from touring the world to alcohol poisoning, from kissing your mother to dismissing his entire career, this two-year adventure is a mindfuck of Jimmy’s   escapist reality.

“Mathematically speaking I am breaking time into pieces of distance and moving through them diagonally at a rapid rate, says Jimmy. “Naaaahh, I am just fucking with you. I just drank a whole bottle of  Southern Comfort and wrote this album. A hallucination, a proclamation, a degradation? Or maybe its all just all a pile of bullshit I made up to stay relevant. Either way, I am right behind you.”

‘Click Interview’ with Arcana Obscura: ‘I Have Always Had Elements And Influences Of World Music In My Music‘

Set up in 1990 and driven by Thomas Gäbhard, Arcana Obscura directly caught my attention by its first and self-titled full length-album. Back in time the band was clearly into the electro/EBM approach from the 90s. But quite progressively the sound started to evolve, revealing new influences. Early this year the band stroke back with a new line-up releasing the album “2000 Miles”. The work –as always released on ConSequence Records, revealed a beautiful fusion between electronics and acoustic instruments with elevating- and ethereal vocals on top. It’s a styled creation, which I personally consider as the most artistic work to date. This is what Thomas Gäbhard has to say. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: The album “2000 Miles” has been released several months ago now, but this new opus also was the first ‘new’ Arcana Obscura album in years. How does it feel to be back and what happened after the “Lemuria”-album (2010)? Thomas: After the “Lemuria” album, the paths of my former singer Sabine and me separated, so I had to reorient myself. Afterwards, the reissue of the already long out of print album “Pain” came out in 2013 with 8 bonus tracks and after that I […]

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