Year: 2018

Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) kicked out of own show in Stockholm after launching a bottle in the crowd

Never mess with a Swedish audience, Peter Murphy is also aware of that now. Murphy, who is touring Europe with Bauhaus bandmate David J, was literally thrown out of his own concert during a concert in Stockholm last night. That’s what Dagens Nyheter reports. As it seems Murphy threw a bottle right into the audience, unfortunately injuring a fan who got the bottle right n his face and who suffered injuries. The organisers intervened and threw Murphy out of the venue after which the police (or a security team, as the jackets don’t really show) intervened. A picture of the incident was posted on Facebook by Tom Homlund as you can see above and here’s an instagram video of the actual moment when Murphy launches the bottle.   View this post on Instagram   #bauhaus #petermurphy #nalen #davidj #stockholm A post shared by Angela (@d1zzydishes) on Dec 12, 2018 at 2:55pm PST The concert promoter also reacted in a Facebook post: “With one more song planned, the artists tour manager and technician decided to end yesterday’s concert with Peter Murphy since technical equipment had been destroyed due to incidents we at Nalen take very seriously. The artist acted in an […]

Porn returns with ‘The Darkest of Human Desires – Act II’

In 2017, Porn released its third album “The Ogre inside.- Act I”, the first act of a trilogy based on the character Mr Strangler. The story that goes with it: Mr Strangler expresses his dark impulses without limitations and has no boundaries. With his crew, he commits murders and massacres. He also invites everyone to make a step forward and invites you to express your darkest desires and join his death cult. In the second act, “The Darkest of Human Desires – Act II “, you can hear some of the most scariest serial killers and murderers : Richard Ramirez , Ed Kemper, Charles Manson, Richard Schaeffer or Jeffrey Dahmer. The new album is the first collaboration between Porn and Tom Baker, who mastered many mythic albums including “Antichrist Superstar” by Marylin Manson, “Downward Spiral” by Nine Inch Nails, “Psalm 69” by Ministry, “Hellbilly Deluxe” by Rob Zombie and so on.

Click Interview’ with Jk Flesh: ‘I Wanted The Machines To Breathe And Appear As If They’re Organisms’

JK Flesh is the electronic- or should I say techno project of Justin Karl Broadrick. Internationally praised and renowned for his involvement with Godflesh, JK Flesh brings a totally different exposure of the artist. He recently released the third JK Flesh full length entitled “New Horizon” on Electric Deluxe. It’s not pure techno music, but an interesting and somewhat experimental approach of the genre. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: What kind of work did you want to accomplish with “New Horizon” and how do you perceive the evolution in sound from the debut album “Posthuman” till the new work?  Justin: The evolution has been somewhat radical; “Posthuman” still contained the residue of my more established works, guitar and vocals much like Godflesh, but fundamentally electronic music, which was the albums intention. Ironically “Posthuman” was designed as a purely electronic statement, but the then label boss of 3by3, Steve, who was also a member of the much missed Cloaks, suggested that I integrate the vibe of my other work with guitars and vocals to make something more arguably unique, at that point I felt maybe he had a good point. So, I set about adding organic instrumentation to the existing […]

Metroland release double yellow vinyl (+CD): ‘Framed’ – available now via Alfa Matrix

In 2018, the Kraftwerkian act Metroland released their 4th conceptual album “Men In A Frame”. After that album the band released 2 non-album singles, “Man In A Frame” and “Memorabilia”, which were accompanied by more obscure electronic B-sides and remixes. They also launched a successful first exposition, “Pictures To Listen To”, where the duo pushed their concept to its maximum limit allowing the audience to fully experience their “Men In A Frame” concept. The band now closes their conceptual chapter dedicated to photography with a selection of tracks reworked by musicians and bands on “Framed”. The album comes out as a double (yellow) vinyl holding 12 tracks and can be ordered right now from the Alfa Matrix label. Here’s how the vinyl looks like when displayed on your wooden floor. This very limited double-LP release (300 units worldwide) is accompanied by the “Framed Anew“ carton sleeve CD offering a slightly different track list (3 exclusive remixes on the yellow vinyl by Der Dritte Raum, Die Robo Sapiens and FROHM; and 3 non-vinyl remixes on the CD). This collector item will be released at the occasion of the second “Pictures To Listen Too“ exposition at the Cultuur Centrum of Mechelen – […]

‘Click Interview’ with Melotron: ‘We Lost The Sense Why We Are Making Music’

Some of you might remind The Vermin, which was the first band featuring the German trio Andy Krüger, Edgar Slatnow and Kay Hildebrandt. They in 1995 went on as Melotron and got signed on the legendary Zoth Ommog label. Other productions got released by Bloodline, Synthetic Symphony and Out Of Line. Melotron became one of the absolute leading synth-pop formation in Germany, but still a successful export product. But after numerous hits and successful albums they needed some rest to reinvent themselves. After years of silence they this year strike back with a new full length entitled “Für Alle”. The perfect moment to welcome this come-back with an interview. The questions were answered by Edgar. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: “Für Alle” is your first ‘new’ studio album in eleven years, but it all sounds like you never stopped making music. How does it feel to be back and have released this new work? Edgar: I’m happy. I’m happy what we have achieved. Yes, “Für Alle” was a long and sometimes stony road. But we needed this time to think about ourselves and about Melotron. Eleven, twelve years ago we lost the sense why we are making music. There were […]

Siva Six are working on their new (5th) album

Fresh news from the dark electro act Siva Six. The band is currently working on a new (5th) album, with Dimitri Douvras (Nightstalker, Rotting Christ, Tethrippon) behind the mixing desk once again. Here’s what the band’s frontman (Z) has to say about the process: “It’s always hard and painful for me to go through this procedure, I make albums because I have reasons to do so and this is the first album that was written outside Athens, in Leipzig, which was the ideal ghost town for me to concentrate on the concept. A projection of my latest experiences and adventures is what it’s all about.” The album will be released somewhere next year. The band’s most recent release is “NYX”, featuring reworks. You can listen to the album below. nyx by SIVA SIX

Erasure announce 30th anniversary deluxe edition of ‘Wild’

Erasure are restarting the series of remastered and expanded album editions that started with “Wonderland”, “The Circus” and “The Innocents”. Available soon is a brand new 30th anniversary of “Wild!” which will be released in a deluxe 2CD hardback book package on March 29th next year. The new edition features the original album, fully remastered, on one disc and then a selection of b-sides, remixes and rarities on the the other. Note that the second disc includes no less than five previously unreleased tracks (see below). The tracklisting: CD1 Piano Song – Instrumental / Blue Savannah / Drama! / How Many Times? / Star / La Gloria / You Surround Me / Brother and Sister / 2000 Miles / Crown Of Thorns / Piano Song CD2 Sweet, Sweet Baby (The Moo Moo Mix) / Drama! (Richard Norris Mix) previously unreleased / Blue Savannah (Mark Saunders 12″ Mix) / Piano Song (Live at the London Arena) previously unreleased / Runaround On The Underground (Remix) / How Many Times? (Alternative Mix) previously unreleased / Supernature (Daniel Miller & Phil Legg Remix) / Star (Soul Mix) / No GDM (Unfinished Mix) / Drama! (Act 2) / Brother and Sister (Live at the London […]

Apoptygma Berzerk announces Oslo concert for August 2019

(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange. All photos by Krichan Wihlborg, Underground Photo) A week after their successful concert at the Brewhouse in Gothenburg, Apoptygma Berzerk announces their return to an Oslo venue for the first time in over ten years! And it’ll be a full night of music – as their special guest they’ll bring Vile Electrodes over from the UK, who also will support Apop on some of the German dates in 2019. DJ Alex Tjore will fill our ears between the bands with a special DJ set consisting of the best electronic tunes from the golden era of 1977-1984, so proper dancing footwear would be smart to consider. On behalf of the APB Crew, Per Aksel Lundgreen elaborates: Norway has never been the main market for Apoptygma Berzerk, that’s been mostly Germany and the US, but in recent years Sweden has gained more and more attention, and interest has been enormous there. After massive pressure and over 100 (!) Norwegians attending the concert in Gothenburg, we realized that it was time to take a trip home again! There’s nothing that would have pleased us more than regularly playing in Norway, but there’s considerations to be made […]

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