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Culture Kultür returns with fifth album, first music video

Spanish futurepop act Culture Kultür breaks its long silence with the announcement of the band’s much anticipated fifth album, Humanity. Drawing on themes of “the different emotions that tear the human heart,” Humanity is due for release on January 21, 2019 via Caustic Records, with digipak pre-orders now available via the label’s webstore. Preceding the […]

Mortiis releases the re-mastered AND original version of ‘The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost’ 1993 demo

Mortiis fans, rejoice! The “The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost” 1993 demo remastered with new artwork etc, goes live on most or all major digital outlets today! And… the original, non-mastered version of the demo will be made available through the same channels, for the traditionalists (note that remasters can sound quite different from the original releases)! You can find the remaster of the “The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost” 1993 demo on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon and the original can be found on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon as well. Here’s the release of the re-mastered version on Spotify: Here’s the release of the original version on Spotify: New artwork for the re-mastered version Note that the artwork for the remastered version is also different, you can find it below.

‘Click Interview’ with I:Scintilla: ‘We’ve Always Trusted Our Instincts And Followed The Muses’

Hailing from Chicago (USA) and set up in 2003 I:Scintilla progressively became a successful band. Driven by core members Jim Cookas (programming guitar) and Brittany Bindrim (lyrics & vocals) they got signed to the Belgian label Alfa Matrix and never stopped increasing their popularity album after album. I:Scintilla took their time to achieve their newest full length entitled “Swayed”, which is their first album since 2010. I’d an interesting chat with Brittany Bindrim. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: “Swayed” is your first new album in 8 years. It seems you needed a break to recharge your creativity while the political climate in your country has been a source of inspiration to work on new material. Can you give us more details about it all? Brittany: We did feel the need for a break from I:Scintilla towards the end of 2013, but we never stopped writing. As new musical ideas started flowing out, we strongly considered the idea of starting a new band. It wasn’t until 2017 that we decided to release the songs as I:Scintilla. We’re thankful we went through that bit of uncertainty, since we’re very happy with the record and where the band at is today. Even […]

Darkwave artist Panic Priest releases new video ‘Die Divine’ – watch it here

Post-Punk/Darkwave artist Panic Priest has released the video for his new single “Die Divine”, the latest single off the self-titled album which was released earlier this year on Negative Gain Productions. Vocalist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Composer Jack Armondo (of dark pop outfit My Gold Mask) explains the meaning behind Die Divine: “Die Divine is a song about choice and seduction. It’s about weighing one’s internal desires against their better nature and making self destructive decisions in a very conscious manner. It is also a bit romantic, like people who are fated together in this turbulent situation. I think the video treatment as directed by David Gall captures the songs themes of choice, struggle and release perfectly, while adding his own layer of interpretation to my lyrics.” The video for Die Divine can be seen below. For those interested to see the band live, there are 2 dates confirmed so far: Dec 26th Detroit, MI at Small’s Bar withTwin Tribes and Jan 19th 2019 Chicago, IL at Sleeping Village with Negative Gemini and FEE LION (TNK Fest). Panic Priestʼs debut was released in May of 2018 and was mixed and recorded in part by Adam Stillson of the electronic/shoegaze project New Canyons. The album also […]

Aesthetische remixes united on 2 brand new digital downloads – available now

The Belgian label Alfa Matrix has launched 2 brand download releases in the low-priced ‘Matrix:Rebooted’ series containing no less than 30 remixes by the Brazilian dance electro act Aesthetische. If you know Aesthetische, you know you can expect highly danceable clubfood. The releases are now available via Bandcamp. The two releases include remixes of tracks originally recorded by Diffuzion, Ayria, Junksista, SD:KRTR, Aiboforcen, Halo In Reverse, Aline Vampires, Virgins O.R Pigeons, Bruderschaft, Mondträume, Studio-X, Implant, Helalyn Flowers, Llumen, Schwarzblut, Pouppée Fabrikk, Star Industry, Kant Kino, Zombie Girl, Lovelorn Dolls and Aesthetische themselves. MATRIX:REB00TED – the AESTHETISCHE guerrilla Zion [advanced electronic] (red pill) Warfare [04] by VARIOUS ARTISTS MATRIX:REB00TED – the AESTHETISCHE guerrilla Zion [advanced electronic] (blue pill) Warfare [03] by VARIOUS ARTISTS The 2 previous editions included remixes by Kant Kino and Acylum. You can check them out below. Matrix:Reb00ted – The Kant Kino Guerrilla – Zion (EBM) Warfare (01) by VARIOUS ARTISTS Matrix:Reb00ted – The Acylum Guerrilla – Zion (Dark Elektro) Warfare (02) by VARIOUS ARTISTS

Metropolis signs Turkish darkwave band She Past Away, reissues two albums for 2019 release

Blending moody darkwave and post-punk with minimalist poetic lyrics, Turkish darkwave band She Past Away has signed with Metropolis Records. Revered in the band’s home country, Metropolis will be bringing the band to these shores with reissues of two of She Past Away’s releases, 2012’s Belirdi Gece (“This Night”) and 2015’s Narin Yalnizlik (“Delicate Solitude”). […]

Second single and music video from Fact Pattern

Following up on the band’s first single, Los Angeles doom/industrial act Fact Pattern unveils the music video for “A Form to Be.” Stated by the trio to be “a dreamlike statement of intent and represents an expansion of our presence as audio/visual artists,” the song is the second single from the band’s upcoming full-length debut, […]

Eden Gallup InterView: Keep Buggering On

ReGen Magazine speaks with Eden Gallup, son of The Cure’s bassist, about his own musical path with his own rock band and synthwave solo project, creating for the love and dedication of finding his own musical voice.

An InterView with Eden Gallup of Violet Vendetta and Serpent Ride

By Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
Having a famous parent can often […]

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