Helalyn Flowers have released a new album – full stream available

It’s finally there, the brand new album by the female fronted electro-rock act Helalyn Flowers. “Nyctophilia” is the band’s 5th studio album and was recorded and produced in the band’s own studio in Rome (Italy). As you will hear below “Nyctophilia” is infested by 80’s New Wave moody catchy melodies but in a 21st century production. The album is available on the Alfa Matrix label’s webstore as a normal CD version, a deluxe download edition on Bandcamp which is based on the limited 2CD edition which is available here. The limited 2CD edition of the album holds a 12-track bonus disc featuring 3 remixes by the band itself plus remixes of the band’s last single “Kamikaze Angel”. Also included is a duet on “Beyond” with the excellent electropop project ImJudas. Warmly recommended! You can listen to the deluxe edition of the album below.

Out now, the brand new Aiboforcen album – check it out in full!

Out now is the newest Aiboforcen album, “Sense & Nonsense”. You can order the CD, 2CD right here or you can go to Bandcamp to download the bonus tracks version as well. Enjoy the full album below. Sense & Nonsense (Bonus Tracks Version) by AIBOFORCEN For this release Blanchart has once again collaborated with a rather promising list of special guests. The first one is Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242, 32CRASH, Underviewer, …) who lends his unique voice on not less than 3 songs on this album, including an upbeat EBM cover version of Front 242’s very own “Loud” and the more atmospheric and darkish “The Arrival”. Other noticeable appearance comes from Damasius of label mates Mondträume, Mari Kattman, Mildreda, Venal Flesh and Kant Kino. Next to the normal CD version there is also a limited edition of the album which will hold a 13-track bonus disc entitled “An End Unto Itself” revealing some 3 exclusive non-album tracks including guest vocals by Junksista and Lovelorn Dolls plus own reinterpretations of 3 other album songs. Add to this a bunch of remixes.

‘Click Interview’ with She Spread Sorrow: ‘The Music Is Just An Explanation Of A State Of Mind’

When you ask Alice Kundalini about the rather strange and intriguing name of her solo-project She Spread Sorrow she answers: ‘Sometimes in my life I felt like I was someone who spread pain and sorrow, and sometimes some people used these words about me. But after a hard period of my life, I choose to use this name, in the third person ‘she’ and not ‘I’, and in the past, not in the present. Like a cut. A point of restart’. After her debut-album “Rumspringa” (2015) and the “Mine”-vinyl album (2017) this Italian artist strikes back with the marvelous although somewhat ghost-like and tormented “Midori”-opus. All of her work has been released on Cold Spring and reveals a delicate and somewhat intimate death-industrial approach in sound. This is what Alice has to say about her new work. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: What means music to you and what do you try to express when composing songs as She Spread Sorrow? Alice: It’s a way to expose the darkest part of myself and to put out of me all the pain and negative thoughts. A way to communicate. A way to condivide my experience and my feelings. A way […]

Lederman & De Meyer – Eleven Grinding Songs

Lederman & De Meyer is the amazing and unexpected artistic fusion of two prominent figures from the cult Belgian electronic music scene. Talented and humble musician and producer, Jean-Marc Lederman composed lots of music for movies and video games under various pseudonyms and collaborated with a plethora of artists including Alain Bashung.
On the other side, author and performer Jean-Luc De Meyer, started his career with Underviewer before joining Front 242 from 1981 and collaborating on record or on stage with many other artists. His unique and so characteristic voice is unmatched and instantly gets recognised by any true self-respecting EBM-industrial-electronic music lover.

On their “Eleven Grinding Songs” debut album, Lederman’s keyboards are, as always, raspy, melodious and absolutely unpredictable, making it hard to imagine what direction each title will take. Songs starting with peaceful atmospheric intros grow into thick and excited cuts (“Atoms In Fury”, “Heartbeat”…) while other straight binary dance tracks gradually morph into complex and rich tunes widening the stereo image spectrum to the maximum (“Back To Nature”, “Tout Me Fait Rire”…).
These quite eclectic and uncompromising song arrangements appear to be the perfect fertile ground allowing De Meyer’s dense and inhabited voice to unfold across different registers going from pure icebreakers to boiling volcanoes through melancholic whispers and other poetic grunts. The texts are dark and introspective, punctuated by sarcasm and self-mockery. And the care given to the lyrics definitely sets this project apart, miles away from the overused “first-degree” universe of standard alternative electro / EBM bands.

Among the album highlights we can definitely mention “A Tribe of My Own”, “Flowers and Birds and Bees” and “Not Really There”, three dark, oppressive yet very danceable tracks all bound to become new anthems in the best darkwave clubs.
“Eleven Grinding Songs” pushes human in front of his anxieties, his deviances, his obsessions, his beliefs, his hopes and his defeats. A poignant and fascinating mechanical deconstruction jointly orchestrated by two artists reaching the top of their art.
“Eleven Grinding Songs” also comes out as a black vinyl edition strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide (including a carton sleeve CD edition with the same track-list). The album also comes out as a collector double-CD limited edition with an 11-track bonus disc with 4 exclusive additional songs plus 7 remixes or alternative versions. 

Strap On Halo InterView: Prayers Upon the Altar

As one of the headlining acts at this year’s PIGFest, Dawn Wood speaks with Seattle’s Strap On Halo about the band’s history, resurrecting in 2009 after a long hiatus to become one of the scene’s more exciting modern acts.

An InterView with Layla Reyna of Strap On Halo

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)
Strap On Halo – the trio […]

2nd face – Nihilum

With his 2017 debut “Nemesis”, 2nd face was newcomer of the year amongst many dark industrial fans. Likewise, the media praised Vincent Uhlig’s project for its compelling music, a hybrid of old and new school industrial with an excell…

Depeche Mode 12″ singles collection boxsets to be released via Sony – pre-orders available now

It’s time to let the money roll again direction the Depeche Mode bankaccount as Sony has announced the release of a “Speak & Spell” and a “A Broken Frame” 12″ singles collection boxsets on Friday, 31st August. Orders are now being accepted via Amazon Germany, Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Each box set in the series will contain the singles from each Depeche Mode album on audiophile-quality 12” vinyl, with audio remastered from the original tapes (and cut at the Abbey Road Studios). The artwork for the exterior of each of the new box sets draws on street art iconography inspired by the original releases, while the vinyl sleeves themselves feature the original vinyl single artwork. The Depeche Mode 12” Singles Series will continue over the coming years, with plans to release boxes containing the singles from each of the band’s albums in similar deluxe audiophile-grade collector’s editions. The “Speak & Spell” set will hold a facsimile reproduction of the rare flexi disc “Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead” b/w “King of the Flies” (the Fad Gadget track as on the original release); Dreaming Of Me 12”: “Dreaming of Me” b/w “Ice Machine”; New Life 12”: “New Life (Remix)” b/w […]

Interview with Daniel B / Prothese: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Confined In A Genre That Creates Expectations And Borders’

Daniel B will be forever linked to Front 242, but in the meantime we all know he also releases music as Prothese. This project revealed a more experimental- and noise approach of music. During the past few years Daniel again started to compose new stuff as Prothese. Like it or not, it sounds like music being created by a sound surgeon who’s decomposing and recomposing sounds and noises. It gives me the idea to ask a few questions to Daniel, which I have to thank for his kind contribution. The interview was possible thanks to the help of Alfa-Matrix owner Séba Dolimont while I also have to thank Side-Line and Peek-A-Boo for their interest to each publish this interview as a kind of ‘collaboration’ between both Belgian online platforms. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Prothese is your very own project so I can imagine it also is the most personal one, reflecting the best your own vision about music and sound creation. What does it really mean to you and can you tell us a bit more about this ’vision’ and ‘sound creation’? Daniel: As you know when creating under the Prothese moniker I have a very eclectic vision […]

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