Statiqbloom – Asphyxia

Drawing from the grittiness of early Industrial and EBM, Statiqbloom (Fade Kainer/ Denman C. Anderson) combine hard beats and haunting electronics with disorienting vocals to create pulsing raw Post-Industrial.

Their new album, ‘Asph…

‘Click Interview’ with FTR: ‘mp3 Is Obviously Not The Best, But We Must Admit It’s Handy’

FTR (Future) is a French trio that saw the daylight in 2012. Based in Paris, Yann Canevet (bass, vocals), Pauline CP (keyboards, programming) and Brice Delourmel (guitar, programming) this year released their second full length album entitled “Manners”. The work has been released in France by Third Coming Records and in the US by Metropolis. The sound can be defined as a mix between cold-wave and shoegaze music with some electronic arrangements on top. It’s an obscure and somewhat disturbing experience, but still a great opus, which incited me to get more info about the band and their new work. I’ve been in touch with Pauline CP. (Picture credits by Arthur Weed / Interview courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: Can you briefly introduce FTR and the way you got contaminated by the (dark) music virus?  Pauline: We are three. We’ve always been involved in common musical scenes and projects between Rennes and Paris. When Brice and Yann both came from Rennes to Paris in 2012 they started playing together, and recorded, the first EP “Abyss” in 2013 in Lannion (Brittany). I joined the band during the winter of this same year. Then we released all together our first album […]

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