Blutengel – Complete

The new single “Complete” is a rare gem of electronic Pop music. The limited MCD contains the title track in a single-edit and remix, as well as two more exclusive new songs. Chris Pohl has forged this painful yet inevitable part of e…

Side-Line introduces Binary Division – listen now to ‘Hacker (DJ Psyklon Remix)’ (Face The Beat profile series)

The 8th track on our free download compilation “Face The Beat: Session 4” (featuring 92 tracks) is by the Cologne (Germany) based act Binary Division in a remix by DJ Psyklon. Starting as a slightly “Trainspotting” inspired track (you need to check out the track to understand why we are saying this), the DJ Psyklon remix of “Hacker” quickly transforms into a heavy dark electro anthem. Founded in 2012 by NeonSynth, the project recently signed to the darkTunes Music Group for which he recorded the 2 albums “The arrival” (2014) and “Re:arrived” (2015), plus the 2 EPs “Demo 2014” (2014) and “Riot Rebellion” (2015). The most recent releases are the remix loaded “Defcon 1” and “Defcon 2” EPs released this Summer. With over 3000 followers on Spotify you can consider them a newcomer from which we will hear a lot in the future! You can listen/download the track “Hacker (DJ Psyklon Remix)” below. Face The Beat: Session 4 by Binary Division Check our “Face The Beat: Session 4” page on Bandcamp to discover the other 91 bands. All donations will go to charity.

Sex Pistols’ John Lydon to publish book limited to just 1000 copies – preview it here

The individually numbered and hand signed book is published to celebrate 40 years of songwriting across both the Sex Pistols and PiL eras. The book is presented in a large format (37×29 cm) and combines never before seen artwork, handwritten and annotated lyric sheets and features every song that Lydon has ever written. The book is quite expensive though, the standard edition is 299,99 UK£ while the premium edition is priced at 349,99 UK£ including some extra perks as you can see below. We also show you some images from the book itself:

Today is World AIDS Day: let’s remember René Klijn’s splendid version of Yazoo’s Mr. Blue

Today is World AIDS Day, it is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day, held for the first time in 1988. Today is the perfect day to remember a special live version of Yazoo’s “Mr. Blue” by René Klijn. Klijn was a member of the boyband Bam-to-Bam-Bam. He died September 5, 1993 in Amsterdam from AIDS-related complications. In 1992 he performed the Yazoo cover “Mr Blue” on Dutch Television, clearly suffering from the ravage AIDS had caused. This was his first performance at dutch television, after this show Rene entered the charts with this song. But within 1 year after this show he died because of aids. Here’s René Klijn (1962-1993) in the TV-show ‘de Schreeuw van de Leeuw’ on 28 november 1992.

‘Click Interview’ with Paul Nielsen/Tympanik Audio: ‘Digital Music Is Here To Stay And Label Owners Just Need To Accept That And Meet The Demand’

Set up in 2007 by Paul Nielsen, the Chicago-based label Tympanik Audio rapidly became one of the most visionary underground labels dealing with electronic- and industrial music. I felt deeply sad when Paul Nielsen earlier this year announced to close the doors of the label. He has no further plans to continue in the music business. Paul has been involved in this field for over 20 years, from Dj-ing, to music journalism, hosting radio programs, organizing events, to eventually running Tympanik. I can only speak for myself but Tympanik Audio is a label I’ll seriously miss for its innovation and creative spirit. This interview is meant as a homage to this great label and his instigator. Respect Mr. Nielsen! (by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: A few months ago now you made this terrible announcement about the end of Tympanik Audio. I guess it must have been one of the hardest decisions in life so how did you come to close the doors of the label? Paul: Indeed it was a very difficult decision to close Tympanik – it affected me quite deeply on a personal level – like the end of a long relationship. I had been struggling to keep […]

Tolchock returns with new single ‘Rage – Love – Fear’ – listen here

The Swedish act Tolchock is back among the living. It was Jens Persson who tipped us off that a new Tolchock single is out now, namely the 4-track single “Rage – Love – Fear” featuring the original track plus 3 reworks including remixes by Aesthetische and Obsession of time. A first track can already be discovered in our playlist on Spotify. You can listen to the single below. Tolchock was formed in 1996 and released their debut album “In The Name Of Tolchock” in 1998 on Energy Records. In 2000 they released the maxi CD singel “A practice for hell – Kicks remix”. After that single they took a 6-year hiatus before returning on COP International with the “Wipe Out Burn Down Annihilate” album. “Rewinded” followed in 2009 before they again entered total silence for 4 years. That silence was broken when they released the “Down in the hole” single in 2013. In 2015 the album “Elements of Rage” saw the light of day.

Peter Murphy begins second U.S. leg of Stripped tour

Peter Murphy’s Stripped tour has kicked off a second U.S. leg. The legendary goth rock pioneer will perform material spanning his career, from his days as front man for seminal gothic group Bauhaus to his 10 solo albums, with a few covers thrown in for good measure. Longtime collaborators guitarist John Andrews and bassist/electric violinist […]

THX – New World Order

THX is the brainchild of sound wizzard Peter Schmidt and well known electronic/techno producer Andy Düx (Voyou, Overdrive Rec.). The re-release is a historical fourteen songs on one limited CD. The long deleted releases such as “Living in Purgatory” or the vinyl-singles “Luv’n’Trust” and “Holy City Zoo” have been real dance floor hits in the EBM/Electro clubs back in the 90’s. The songs have again been massively remastered by Guido Fricke of Audion-X!

Van Roy Asylum reissues ‘Investigabiles Viae Dementiae’ in an extended edition including Culture Beat cover – listen here!

“Investigabiles Viae Dementiae (Extended Edition)” is an updated and expanded version of the debut release by the Russian project Van Roy Asylum. The EP was first released on Insane Records and now sees an extended reissue via Bandcamp. The extended edition EP includes 4 original tracks next to 5 remixes, as well as the cover of the Eurodance 90’s hit “Mr.Vain” by Culture Beat. The EP is available now via Bandcamp and will appeal to all those fond of the dark electro as provided by act like Vampire Freaks, Tamtrum and the likes. Investigabiles Viae Dementiae (Extended Edition) by Van Roy Asylum “Investigabiles Viae Dementiae” is the first chapter of a conceptual work talking about the author’s childhood and youth in a native town of Bryansk, Russia. It begins with being high on heroin in corridors and ends with provincial mental hospitals dungeons.

Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip) featured in video Snuttock single ‘Attention (Leaether Strip Remix)’ + interview

Snuttock hits back with a fresh new video for the great track “Attention” featured on their recent album “Rituals Redux”. The video has the track featured in an excellent remix by Leaether Strip. The track is a great rework and of course was included in the tracks we recently added in our Spotify playlist. Shot and Directed by Ernie Mosteller it features appearances by Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip) and actress Alisa Baksheeva. You can watch the video below + an interview with the band below that: SL: How did Claus Larsen end up doing the remix? Snuttock : When we set out to put together the remix album, I spent a lot of time on YouTube searching for remixes I liked in the EBM, Synthpop, Industrial genres, and Leaether Strip was the remixer on a lot of them. I sent a text to Ilker Yücel (Editor Regenmag) asking if he knew Claus. He replied that Claus is a great guy and I shouldn’t hesitate to contact him…he was right! When it came to choosing a song / style to remix I couldn’t make up my mind, as Claus has a lot of great Synthpop covers as well as EBM remixes. […]

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