Black Nail Cabaret return with brand new album and video – Watch it exclusively on Side-Line!

The Hungarian dark pop duo Black Nail Cabaret is returning with a brand new album today, the 20th of November, titled “Pseudopop”. You can order it now via the band’s own record label Dichronaut Records. A rather stunning video is available now for the track “Rhythm X” and can be viewed for the very first time on Side-Line right below. It was created by Zoran Varga, who previously worked with the band as a photographer. The song was primarily created as a “dancer” song, and it has consequently been brought to life with Peter Copek dancer/choreographer’s help. The song is also an homage to the art of Marina Abramović, particularly to her famous ‘Rhythm 0’ performance from 1974, where she was the object and the audience was invited to do whatever they wanted to her. “We don’t want this record to be labelled” As far as the music itself, the band is not keen on having it labeled: “We don’t want this record to be labelled, because genre labels are equivocal and arbitrary at best. We believe that pop music can be meaningful and avant-garde, and that alternative music can reach a wider audience and not just a group of […]

We The North / TourdeForce announce split Ep, simply titled ‘Split’ – check the video for the track ‘The Last Song’

The Italian musician Christian Ryder from TourdeForce and the Swedish artist Johan Hansson, protagonist of the projects We The North and Unitary, have joined up for a new project. “Split” is the title of a first EP from We The North / TourdeForce. The project mixes classic electro-synthpop with electro-wave on the 7 tracks you can find on this EP. Here’s the video for the track “The Last Song”. The EP itself will be out via Space Race Records later in December.

Funker Vogt launch ‘Ikarus’ video to announce new EP – watch it on Side-Line

With “Ikarus” Gemrany’s EBM act Funker Vogt present the second EP taken from their current album “Wastelands” which is available now in a limited version as well. The EP is again also available on CD (you can order it here) and features 5 tracks. But first the video for the title track. The EP holds 2 versions of the title-track with alternative, shouted vocals, 2 new and exclusive tracks (“Dogma”, “The Last Stand”) and a new version of “Tragic Hero”, close to the original, but in a newly arranged version with new recorded vocals. “Ikarus” is already the sixth release with Chris L. as frontman. You can see Funker Vogt on Tour as well: 25.12.2018 – Chemnitz, Darkstorm 22.02.2019 – Hamburg, Markthalle, Hybridize-Festival 23.02.2019 – Leipzig, Hellraiser, Hybridize-Festival 08.03.2019 – Oberhausen, Kulttempel, Hybridize-Festival 09.03.2019 – München, Backstage Halle, Hybridize-Festival 11.08.2019 – Hildesheim, M’éra Luna 30.08.2019 – Mannheim, Black Castle Festival

Kælan Mikla vocalist Sólveig Matthildur releases new single featuring Drab Majesty’s Deb Demure

In anticipation of her upcoming European solo tour, Kælan Mikla keyboardist/vocalist Sólveig Matthildur has unveiled the first single from her 2019 solo album, titled “Dystopian Boy.” Premiering on Revolver on November 16, and now available to purchase via Bandcamp, “Dystopian Boy” features the guitar talents of Deb Demure of fellow post-punk band Drab Majesty; of […]

Radioaktivists – Radioakt One

It is hard to believe that it is already 5 years since Radioaktivists made their recording debut via the compilation ‘Dependence 2012’, on which the German quartet offered up the song ‘Pieces Of Me’. A strong and danceable electronic anthem, it not only impressed DJ’s, but also had fans clamoring for a full album. However, the band decided to take time to hone their sound and overall modus operandi before delivering the meisterwerk that is ‘Radioakt One’.

But who are these activists? Frank Spinath, psychologist and lead singer icon of various groups/projects that include Seabound, Edge Of Dawn and Lionheart, is here working for the first time with Daniel Myer (of Haujobb, Architect and Liebknecht), despite the fact that both musicians lived in the same city of Bielefeld for several years. Krischan Wesenberg is well known as the studio wizard in the duo Rotersand but has also made a name for himself as a sound engineer, producer and remixer for other artists. Sascha Lange is the author of several books on the Depeche Mode fan scene and underground DJ culture in the former East Germany.

This diverse line-up have eventually aligned themselves and forged an album that lives up to early expectations, although ‘Radioakt One’ also reveals other unexpected surprises. Con-taining elements of Club, Dark Pop and what Lange calls ‘Electronic Shoegaze’, the term ‘Electronic Noir’ has already been applied to it. An album of depth with an al-most introverted feel, a series of short stories form the core of the electronic narrative and help forge the intriguing and unique identity of Radioaktivists, including a tale written by Lange included in the Limited Edition that relates a late night encounter with a mysteri-ous female hitchhiker on a rain-flooded German motorway.

Radioaktivists have certainly taken a walk off the well-trodden path with their debut album. Although offering strong club oriented songs such ‘Raiders’ and ‘Reach Out’, it also shines a spotlight on their moodier and more subtle ‘Electronic Noir’ compositions and invites the listener to explore its depths and different sides over repeated plays.

Blutengel – Vampire

Blutengel are on the hunt, and the hunt promises to be a victory. Because the band concentrates on its strengths for “Vampire” to create a new hit and a potential classic.

The second single of the upcoming album “Un:Gott” presents a …

OOMPH! unveil title, teaser, tracklist and artwork of new album!

The German industrial-metal trio around Crap, Dero and Flux is ready to release its 13th longplayer on January 18th 2019, called “Ritual”. According to singer Dero it’s “the most aggressive, heaviest and darkest album in a while”. The band states further: “We are very happy to introduce you to our new album “Ritual” today! This album contains 100% OOMPH!: We wrote, produced and mixed everything in our own recording studio! We used our time in between two tours to get some fresh and very inspiring impact of the recent live experiences and composed the majority of the songs in jam sessions all together. That probably explains why the songs on Ritual are hard, riff-heavy and dark. The album artwork brilliantly supports the mystical character of our songs and lyrics and leaves plenty of scope for own interpretations.” Tracklist: 01. Tausend Mann und ein Befehl 02. Achtung! Achtung! 03. Kein Liebeslied 04. Trümmerkinder 05. Europa (feat. Chris Harms / Lord Of The Lost) 06. Im Namen des Vaters 07. Das Schweigen der Lämmer 08. TRRR – FCKN – HTLR 09. Phönix aus der Asche 10. Lass’ die Beute frei 11. Seine Seele 12. In der Stille der Nacht (Bonus Track) 13. […]

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