IAMX to release new album featuring Kat Von D

Chris Corner has announced that the latest album from electro/rock project IAMX, Alive In New Light (AINL) will be released February 2, 2018. The record is a chronicle of metamorphasis celebrating the artist’s emergence from the depression which inspired his two previous releases, performed, recorded, and mixed in a trailer in the California desert “far […]

2 limited releases from Front 242 co-founder Daniel B. under Daniel B. Prothèse moniker – pre-orders available now

In 2016, Alfa Matrix released the first full-length album by Front 242 founding member Daniel B.’s solo-project: Daniel B. Prothèse. The “Überlastung” vinyl box and its CD companion “AIIHB0A0” were both sold-out prior to release date. Alfa Matrix has now launched the pre-orders for 2 brand new releases by Front 242 co-founder Daniel B. and this under the Daniel B. Prothèse moniker. The 2 titles come in various formats with all physical releases being limited. First is Daniel B. Prothèse’s “CHZWaaR+ZMe+aaL” album which comes in 4 formats: LP (clear vinyl +CD) (Limited to 300 copies), a 2CD set (holding bonus tracks and limited to 500 copies), a normal CD format (Limited to 200 copies) and as a download via Bandcamp. “CHZWaaR+ZMe+aaL” reveals a less experimental and much more rhythmic side of the project with powerful minimal industrial sequences sometimes even coming closer to the rough basslines of EBM. The 2nd release is “99.9”, a project from Daniel B. Prothèse with Edwin Vanvinckenroye (Troissoeur). That CD is limited to 500 copies, while the Bandcamp version holds a bonus track which will not be released on any other download platform. The music on this release sits somewhere inbetween contemporary neo-classical world, ambient […]

Audio of controversial Morrissey interview with Der Spiegel leaked – download it here

Remember that interview Smiths frontman Morrissey did with Der Spiegel? In the interview with the German news magazine Morrissey is defending Europe’s cultural roots and also gave some comments on the Kevin Spacey rape affair. As a result of the commotion caused by the interview’s content Morrissey announced that he won’t be doing any more print interviews because they didn’t print what he said. Der Spiegel has now come up with the audio of the interview which you can download here.

Tidal to close down – a lot of labels still waiting reporting (and money!)

According to the Norwegian outlet Dagens Næringsliv, Tidal (a subscription-based music streaming service of lossless audio) is close to shutting down as it has just enough money left “to last another six months”. The news doesn’t come as a surprise, the start-up has been going from bad to worse since it started. The company, fronted by rapper Jay Z, gathered a staggering $44 million in losses in 2016 and has had trouble getting traction from day one, although they keep on claiming they are doing well. ‘Well’ is subjective, the service only has 1.2 million subscribers (and not 3 million as Jay Z always claimed). And there’s more. The claims that it pays the highest percentage of royalties to music artists and songwriters within the music streaming market can be taken with a big grain of salt as it has a very bad track record when it comes to reporting sales, let alone pay, especially to indie labels. But not only indie labels, Kayne West for instance terminated his contract with Tidal, claiming that the service owed him $3 million.

MINISTRY at The Fillmore, 2017

The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD – 10/19/2017

Known as much for his long history with alcohol and substance abuse as for his particular brand of industrial/metal, MINISTRY has proven to be the one habit that Al Jourgensen seems unwilling to break. Sure, this has often been a source of divisive opinions among his fan base, with […]

Society 1 releases eighth music video from latest album

Having released Rise from the Dead in March of this year, Hollywood industrial/metal group Society 1 has premiered the music video for the track “Souls on Fire.” Originally intended to present a more positive lyrical direction for the band, “Initially about the communion of souls and inner power illuminated with a symbolic burning fire,” vocalist/songwriter […]

Behind-the-scene talks with Mari Kattman on new Psy’Aviah album

A few days ago we announced that Psy’Aviah will see its newest album “Lightflare” released early next year. The band, aka Yves Schelpe, has now started posting behind-the-scene talks with the collaborators. The first track discussed is “Lost At Sea”, the opening song of “Lightflare“, featuring Mari Kattman. You can watch Mari Kattman and Yves Schelpe talk about the song in the video segment below or read more extensively in this blog post on the Psy’Aviah webpage. Below is the music video for the electropop fuzed track “Lost At Sea”.

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