IAMX releases new experimental album

For his latest album as IAMX, Chris Corner has repurposed his remix moniker as the title for a new series exploring his more experimental leanings, Unfall. Released on September 22 in CD and digital formats, Unfall deviates from the usual IAMX structure to explore pure sound devoid of lyrics to achieve a more impersonal and […]

DOPE announces retrospective collection celebrating the band’s earliest years

Now on the Monster High Tour with (HED)Pe, the band’s third tour since mid-2016, industrial/metal act DOPE has announced the release of a retrospective collection, titled DOPE: The Early Years 1997 / 1998. Celebrating the band’s twentieth anniversary since its inception in New York City, the collection is “the original story book and soundtrack of […]

Celldweller to release Growling Machines Remixes EP

In response to the growing demand for his music to be made available via streaming services, particularly in South America, Klayton – a.k.a. Celldweller – is releasing a four track EP of remixes by psy-trance group Growling Machines. These four remixes of tracks from the first Celldweller album had originally been released in a limited […]

‘Click Interview’ with Akalotz: ‘In Our Opinion, “Confront” Has Become One Of The Best EBM Albums Of The Modern Era’

Three years after their debut album “Shift To Evil”, the German EBM formation Akalotz strikes back with its new opus “Confront”. Released on Electro Aggression Records, the new songs reveal a solid and well-crafted EBM sound. I asked master mind Thorsten Haury to answer a few questions. (by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: I noticed Akalotz is celebrating its 10th anniversary! How do you look back at 10 years of Akalotz and what have been your greatest accomplishments so far? Thorsten: When we started with Akalotz 10 years ago it was initially only a side-project in which we wanted to express our affinity to EBM. Later on it became the most important project in our lives. There were several changes during this time, so instruments were often replaced to create the typical Akalotz sound. In addition and in the beginning, there was an important change in the line-up. Alex left the band and was completely replaced by Nico. In 2013 through various Youtube videos and the presence on Facebook, we were able to play at the family meeting in Sandersleben. This was the beginning of our intensive tour and the release of 2 albums plus remixes for friendly bands. The biggest […]

Mark Reeder to release vinyl edition of latest album featuring collaborations with New Order and more

Post-punk pioneer and underground mainstay musician/producer Mark Reeder’s new album, Mauerstadt is a testament to the scope and influence of his inveterate career. The title, which translates to “walled city,” serves both as a warning about those who would divide us and a message of hope, hearkening back to the days of a divided Berlin, […]

SPK founder David Virgin launches new album with duets – check the first videos

SPK founder David Virgin has a new album out: the duet focussed “The Beautiful Album”. “The Beautiful Album” is a selection of mainly duets by David Virgin with what he calls “some of Ireland best female vocalists” featuring Leslie Dowdall (In Tua Nua), Leila Jane, Kate Dineen, Klara McDonnell and Elga Fox. The songs on the album were backed instrumentally by the Dublin City Rounders, Rohan Healy on guitar, Al Quiff on double bass, Adam Byrne on drums and Caoimhe O’Farrell on Irish harp. You can stream the album below. Born in Dublin, 1962, David has had a life full of music, leading successful bands such as the industrial music pioneers SPK and Sekret Sekret, as well as producing and mentoring acts. Just to give you an idea, Virgin has written over 2,000 (!) original compositions. Music video for “The Weir” featuring Leslie Dowdall.   Music video for “Everything I Ever Wanted” featuring Leila Jane.

Implant returns after four years with a new album

After a four year absence Belgian electronic project Implant returns with its tenth full-length album, Oxynoxe-X. The all new album is the product of the group’s grueling process of “write-delete-rewrite” to strip the songs down to the essentials while still maintaining the complex layers of driving beats, voracious sounds, hypnotic melodies, and the acerbic vocals […]

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