A new video of an A.I. Zero track feat. Armageddon Dildos is online now – watch it below.

The track is taken from the E.P. “No pain forever” which will be released (as a free download) on Jan. 25 via this link and an album named “There will be solutions” will be released in early 2019. The 6 track EP holds 2 remixes of the song next to the original and the extra tracks “Obsolete Cyborgs” and “Soon You’re Mine” which comes in 2 remixed versions. Here’s the official video. Here’s some info about the band’s endeavours so far. A.I. Zero was founded in 2014 and consists of Maikko Advance (Mind Area, Sceptica, ex Human Decay member) and Flesh Wire. The first digital EP was released via Hunter Records while the band’s first album was released on Scent Air Records (on CD and digital) in 2014. In 2015 the band also completed a remix for Tanya Tagaq, whom you will know from her work on the Björk album “Medulla”. A second A.I. Zero E.P. also launched in 2015 with remixes from Armageddon Dildos and Photic Sonar (among others).

a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen has a solo album coming up – here’s a first teaser

a-ha’s Magne Furuholmen has a new solo album coming up. The news was revealed in a few tweets, here’s a resume of the texts posted: “Hey everybody – belated best wishes for the coming year, and a small tease from the recording-session in the mountains last week to let you know that i’m hard at work and have been for a while now in order to make sure xmas 2019 is ruined for y’all with a new, dark magne f xmas record! no cheesycozy covers but instead 15+ original songs so far with appropriate seasonal topic-ery. after all ‘tis the season to be melancholy’… so, something to look backwards to for a whole year – talk about gift that keeps on giving! lotsa love, the grinch.” You can already view/listen to a first preview below.   Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram   Een bericht gedeeld door Magne Furuholmen (@magne_furuholmen) op 21 Jan 2019 om 9:00 (PST)

‘Click Interview’ with Atrium Carceri: ‘I Am A Very Technically Inclined Producer’

In 2003 I heard the debut album “Cellblock” from the Swedish solo-project Atrium Carceri. This dark-ambient opus was one more great production released on the legendary Cold Meat Industry. Simon Heath should rapidly became a recognized artist in his music genre. He went on unleashing noticeable albums, started with side-projects such as Sabled Sun, Krusseldorf… and set up his own label Cryo Chamber in 2012. Simon Heath is a busy and prolific artist who by the end of 2018 released the newest Atrium Carceri opus “Codex”. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: 2018 has been a prolific year for Atrium Carceri. How do you look back at your different releases? Simon: It’s been a creative year. I got the opportunity to work with a lot of talented artists and finally managed to finish up “Codex”, my solo album I have been working on for quite some time. All in all I tried pushing my boundaries, but my memory is getting blurry now that the year is drawing to a close. Q: Your newest album “Codex” took you three years to get accomplished. What have been the different stadia you had to gone through to achieve “Codex” and what have been […]

‘Click Interview’ with !Distain: ‘The Band Is More Important Than The Ego’

Alexander Braun and Manfred Thomaser both remain the single members on board of !distain. This German electro-pop formation is active since the 90s and their debut releases became an instant success. !distain has this ‘typical’ German synth-pop sound and belongs together with bands such as De/Vision, Beborn Beton, Melotron… to the cream of German synth-pop. By the end of 2018 they released their eight studio album “Farewell To The Past” on Echozone revealing !distain in good shape. I’d a chat with Alexander and Manfred. (Courtesy by Inferno Sound Diaries / Pictures by Barbara Andres) Q: What does this new album means to you when you realize your debut album “Cement Garden” was released in 1995? Do you still feel the same emotions?  Alexander: Wow, it´s an amazing period of time. What still feels the same is the love for music. And at the same time of course so much has changed! That time we had a producer and we even spent the nights at his home. Today I really love to produce the music on my own. Naivety changed to ‘wisdom of age’… ha, ha. So this album (and its success) means a lot to me. We are still here, and it […]

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