Prey & Obey Tour #2: San Francisco

The DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA – 07/13/2017

[See image gallery at regenmag.com] The DNA Lounge vibrates as the opening act, Suicide Queen, puts on a stomping performance and the light of San Francisco fades in the windows behind the band. People trickle in and the space begins to clamor with excitement. Suicide Queen is […]

I Love Industrial @ Bar XIII feat. 3TEETH

Bar XIII, Wilmington, DE – 07/08/2017

Standing on the outskirts of Wilmington, DE on Philadelphia Pike, Bar XIII may not be the largest venue one would expect to see and hear some of the most raucous and ravishing bands in the industrial music scene, but it has proven to be one of the most reliable. On […]

Angelspit announces “tough as f*ck” seventh album

Electro/punk act Angelspit has announced the release of the band’s seventh album, titled Black Dog Bite, due out in Fall of 2017. Front man Zoog Von Rock states that the album “will keep you throwing office chairs at your computer moniter,” describing the album as “tough as f*ck,” a slamming combination of heavy beats, dirty […]

Side-Line introduces Totem Obscura – listen now to ‘Eisenman (Short Cut)’ (Face The Beat profile series)

The 82nd track on our free download compilation “Face The Beat: Session 4” (featuring 92 tracks) is by the German dark electro / aggrotech project Totem Obscura. Founded on July 1, 2013, Totem Obscura is the project by Pedro “Acylum” Engel (Music & Vocals) and Nadine “Cooraz” Engel (Lyrics & Vocals) mixing harsh vocals with dark electronics and classical music. The track we offer here is taken from the 2016 album “Blutiges Eisen” and is a perfect ambassador of what this project is all about. Highly advised to fans of Kirlian Camera, Ice Ages or yet Haus Arafna! You can find the project back on Facebook, make sure to check it out! Listen to “Eisenman (Short Cut)” below and download it right here. Face The Beat: Session 4 by Totem Obscura Check our “Face The Beat: Session 4” page on Bandcamp to discover the other 91 bands. All donations will go to charity.

Marsheaux re-records Depeche Mode classic ‘Get the balance right’ for 5-track EP – listen to the title track

Out in a few weeks from now is the EP “Get the balance right” by Marsheaux (and already available for ordering right here). Marsheaux recorded “Get the Balance Right” exclusively for their Hansa Studios appearance last month (21 June 2017) in occasion of the official Depeche Mode warm-up party for Depeche Mode’s Berlin show in the legendary studios. The song was offered at the merchandise stall at their live performance in a special ‘Souvenir Tour’ project. All copies of this box set were immediately sold out at the merchandise stall. The EP is being unleashed to a wider public – although still remaining very limited with only 400 copies being produced – and is ready for pre-ordering now. The EP itself contains two versions of the Depeche Mode track plus the instrumental B-Side “The Great Outdoors!” and two previously unreleased versions of “Now this is Fun”: a Live-version recorded in Sweden and a new ‘The Eagle has landed’ version featuring the vocals of Marsheaux (while the original had James New of the Mirrors on vocals) The limited edition of 400 copies comes in a matt digipak sleeve and will not get a reprint, after it’s sold out! Check out this […]

‘Click Interview’ with Funker Vogt: ‘Time Heals All Wounds’!

Funker Vogt was set up in 1995 and got instantly successful. Gerrit Thomas (composing) and Jens Kästel (vocals) progressively became one of the leading bands from the dark-electro & EBM scene. They released legendary work on Zoth Ommog, Bloodline, Synthetic Symphony while their previous full length got released on Out Of Line. When Jens Kästel left the band in 2013 the band had to search for a new vocalist. Sacha Korn (‘Sick Man’) joined in creating a real media storm. A new singer and a new label had to be found so Chris L. (Agonoize, The Sexorcits, Dance Or Die) joined in and Repo Records recently released the new album “Code Of Conduct”. I got in touch with Gerrit Thomas and Chris L. but started the interview with a question for label owners Kai Schmidt and Björn Böttcher (who both got involved with Funker Vogt as well) to know what they think about it all. You can order the band’s newest album right here. (by Inferno Sound Diaries) Q: You (Repo Records) guys are quite familiar and pretty close to Funker Vogt so how did you perceive all what happened around the band during the past few years and what […]

Castle Party 2017

Castle Party is a cyclical event taking place in a small town in Poland. In spite of existing for over twenty years already, it surprises us with something new every year. It may be musical revelation(…)

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