New Simple Minds video for ‘Magic’ hits the web

On February 2nd 2018 Simple Minds will release their newest album “Walk Between Worlds”. The studio album is the follow-up to the 2014 released “Big Music” and the 2016 release “Acoustic” which had re-recorded acoustic versions of their biggest hits. The new album “Walk Between Worlds” counts 11 tracks and was recorded at the Abbey Road Studio and was produced by the band together with Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg. A first video is out now for the track “Magic”, which is also opening the new album: The track list for “Walk Between Worlds” is as follows: Magic Summer Utopia The Signal and the Noise In Dreams Barrowland Star Walk Between Worlds Sense of Discovery The Scottish band itself describes it as an oldschool album including eurosynths which you could already hear on “Empires And Dances” or “Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call”, with further tracks going into a more comptemporate direction. You can order it already right here on vinyl, as a deluxe version, or as download. Here’s the album teaser:

Schwarzblut has a new album in the pipeline, expected for April

(Photo by Viorica Cernica) The – excellent ! – Dutch teutonic electro combo Schwarzblut have a new album in the pipeline. The band announced the news on Facebook where they also revealed the complete trackless of the new album which is going to be titled “Idisi”. “Idisi” will be available as CD and 2CD, both in deluxe gatefold packaging. The official release date will be announced soon. Check the artwork and track list below. Schwarzblut (full name: Die goetheanistische Tonkunstgesellschaft Schwarzblut) was founded in 2007 and signed with Alfa Matrix in 2009. Through Alfa Matrix the band released the EP “Sehlenwolf” (2009), their debut album “Das Mausoleum” (2010) and their sophomore full-length release “Maschinenwesen” (2012). Early 2014 Schwarzblut returned to the scene with the 5-track EP “Bis aufs Blut”. April 2014 the band released their 3rd full-length album “Gebeyn aller Verdammten”, followed by the 10-track EP “Judas” in 2015. In 2017 the band released “WIldes Herz”, a collaboration with the German band Saeldes Sanc which you can check out below or here on MCD. Wildes Herz by SCHWARZBLUT vs. SAELDES SANC

Belgian dark ambient project Tephrosis to release full album in April

The Belgian dark ambient one-man project Tephrosis is preparing a full album. Tephrosis brings dark ambient based on a mix of progressive metal and post metal elements, focusing on layered compositions with an ambient touch. The man behind Tephrosis is the Ypres (Belgium) based Kenji Olivier who after being vocalist in a couple of bands for the past few years, decided to create music on his own. Tephrosis debuted last year in April with the debut EP “Clouded Minds”. It quickly caught the attention of Frederic Vanhee, owner of a small music label called Dust & Bones Records and one thing led to another. Dust & Bones Records will release the project’s full debut album both digitally and physically in April 2018. In anticipation of the full album, the title track “Reform” was released on Bandcamp and Youtube. Reform (single) by Tephrosis Below are the 2 other releases from this promising project. Aeonian (single) by Tephrosis Clouded Minds EP by Tephrosis

Facebook has officially killed page reach

A few weeks ago Side-Line posted an article in which we announced that Facebook was about to kill the reach of pages. Back then we wrote that the recent tests where all page content was moved to the Explore Tab was just a first step in killing the organic reach alltogether. Surprisingly a lobbyist from Facebook reached out to us denying this was true and demanding that we posted a correction, something we declined because some other Facebook contacts had confirmed our interpretation of things. On a sidenote: the Facebook lobbist contacted us via an email which is nowhere to be found online. When we demanded to know where they found that particular email, we got an unclear reply claiming they had “googled it”. False, the email is only for internal use and has never been put online and is not to be found in Google or any other search engine at all. In fact, it’s not even linked to the Side-Line.com domain. Dodgy. After we againd demanded a specific result from Google where that mail was present no reply followed. Our contact at Facebook said this: “It just shows just how basically unrespectful Facebook is with your private data […]

SINE announces five singles to be released throughout 2018 as debut EP

Austin, TX electro/alt. rock band SINE, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Rona Rougeheart, has announced the release of five digital singles throughout 2018. Recorded and produced with Charles B. Godfrey (Scary American, Spahn Ranch) at his Mosaic Sound Collective studio, all five singles will be featured on CD as the band’s debut EP, titled INSOMNIÆ, and […]

Rabbit Junk to release first new album since 2010

Scheduled for release on January 26, electro/industrial and punk/digital hardcore act Rabbit Junk will unveil the band’s first full-length album since 2010. Exploring a new level of songwriting, production, and intensity, Rabbit Junk Will Die!: Meditations on Mortality is sure to be heralded as Rabbit Junk’s most ambitious record yet, with themes responding to the […]

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