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With 2011’s “Modern Ruin” still a fresh memory, COVENANT are already back with a brilliant follow-up, entitled “Leaving Babylon”. Since we last heard from them, Daniel Myer has left the band to focus on his own projects (HAUJOBB, ARCHITECT, DESTROID), so the line-up is now Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius and Daniel Jonasson (of DUPONT).



Beat-heavy yet introspective, “Leaving Babylon” is COVENANT’s sonic exploration into uncharted emotional waters. It’s the feeling of memory made sound — the melancholy of Sweden in the wintertime, the strange beat of electric hearts, and the longing for forgotten parties. It’s time to listen. It’s time to heed the sound of the sirens. What are they telling us? Who is really playing the tunes we dance to? We are not Leaving Babylon. Not yet.

The album will feature both brand new songs as well as “Northern Light” era demos that have finally been finished. Eskil: “I have a very good feeling about the new studio material. It breathes the vibe of our classic albums like ‘Northern Light’ and ‘United States of Mind’. The new setup feels very good for us, and the results are promising. I think you will like it…”

As usual with the latest COVENANT albums, the new album will also be available in a limited edition digipak featuring a special booklet, which is different to the regular version, plus an exclusive bonus CD. The second disc of the Limited Edition consists of a 76-minute piece called “Jag är Fullständigt Tung” with text and vocals by Swedish poet Helena Österlund.


Limited 2CD Digipak


Disc 1:-
01. Leaving Babylon
02. Prime Movers
03. For Our Time
04. Thy Kingdom come
05. I walk Slow
06. Ignorance & Bliss
07. Last Dance
08. Auto (Circulation)
09. Not to Be Here

Disc 2:-
01. Jag är Fullständigt Tung

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6th Sep 2013