Raggedy Angry – How I Learned To Love Our Robot Overlords

Raggedy Angry’s new album, How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords, is the band’s first release on Vancouver-based industrial/alternative label Synthetic Sounds in North America and Danse Macabre Records in Europe. It finds the Toronto-based electro-rock quintet narrowing in on a sound that started developing on the previous album, Pestilence: synth-heavy, raw and aggressive, yet tight and hooky as Hell. Like Pestilence, How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords found Raggedy Angry working with industrial mastermind Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), who mixed both albums. Ogilvie was hooked by Raggedy Angry’s mix of crunchy riffs and electronic hooks after hearing their 2007 debut Take Me, Break Me, Make Me Pretty. Ogilvie wasn’t alone. After hearing just a couple of songs from Raggedy Angry’s MySpace, Synthetic founder Mark Sommer insisted on working with Raggedy Angry. The record’s European release date on Danse Macabre Records on October 1st is timed to coincide with the band’s second tour opening for Toronto-based heatseeking Goth electro rockers the Birthday Massacre. The electro 1-2 punch will be storming across the UK throughout October before tearing up North America opening up for industrial legends Front Line Assembly in November. Raggedy Angry has previously toured Europe with the Birthday Massacre and Canada with Die Mannequin. Wherever they go, however they are heard, Raggedy Angry are worming their way into fan’s hearts and minds and taking no prisoners. Released on Synthetic Sounds and available October 12th, 2010.


1. Wake
2. Don’t Mess With the S.S.
3. Burn Your Gods
4. Fire Engine Red
5. Sick Thoughts [feat. Kevvy Mental of Fake Shark Real Zombie]
6. My Escape
7. Take Me Home
8. Easter Island Radiation
9. Get Fucked
10. Assimilate
11. Superjet
12. Digital Hell
13. Robot Love [feat. Chrystal Leigh of Jakalope]
14. Epilogue: Cheers