Diorama – Child of Entertainment

Diorama – Child of Entertainment

reviewed by Celtic

It always comes down to a mcd or EPs that just get me thinking about what a waste of money not only for the consumer but also the record labels. Some EPs are SO worth it with new tracks , cover versions and a couple of remixes , but in this particular case it is not .Diorama begin the year with their 7 track mcd which is nothing but 1 new song (in 5 remixes) and 2 old favorites in a live edition and a remake .


Their newest effort “Child of Entertainment” is a classic Diorama tune with recognizable beats, keyboards and the characteristic vocals of Torben Wendt. In more detail , “Cubed” and “Clubbed” versions are what are more notable to the sound you would find on their albums .“Trapped” and “Broken” are renditions of the title track in a jazzy / chill out version and then played on piano respectively with Torben singing – nothing new to my ears since it is a formula they used on “Synthesize Me” a few years ago. The most interesting and different would be the “Stolen” edition which is extremely experimental even for Diorama. I think this is something that will make allot of people scratch their head and wonder with vocals being shouted instead of sung in a more old-school EBM fashion — Very interesting and intriguing for my taste ! The remake of “HLA” brings back wonderful memories from good old times in 2002. Overall something old and truly beautiful brought to a 2010 edition. I won’t even bother dealing with the live edition of “Advance” since I do not like live versions at all … I prefer listening to the original version.


Having been a huge Diorama fan over the years, and enjoying their melancholy, I get a feeling that they are huffing and puffing the same recycled material . I will have to hear their new album “Cubed” out in March to get a full perspective of their intentions . Let’s wait and see …




01. Child of Entertainment (Cubed)

02. Child of Entertainment (Clubbed)

03. Child of Entertainment (Trapped)

04. HLA (Hideous Heart)

05. Child of Entertainment (Broken)

06. Child of Entertainment (Stolen)

07. Advance (Live in Reutlingen)