Nachtmahr – Mädchen in Uniform


Nachtmahr – Mädchen in Uniform

reviewed by Celtic

The new Nachtmahr EP fell into my possession with great expectations. I usually am not a major fan of mCDs and EPs, but this is one of the few cases where I have to admit it is something for everyone to own. For starters it clocks in at a runtime of 55 min and contains a total of 13 tracks : 4 new, 1 cover version and 8 remixes including amazing work by Modulate , Feindflug and Faderhead amongst others . The music is so catchy and addictive that I find myself repeating the CD over and over again on my home and car stereo.

The title track is a definite hit of the year to come (for all you Old School EBM fans) with a beat that will stick in your head and will remind you of acts like Spetsnaz. Continuing on, “El Chupacabra” is a very addictive Latin-American melody (!) that will bring to mind Noisuf-X and early Hocico work. This is definitely something that will be overplayed in all EBM clubs and become the instant dance floor hit of the season. Tanzdiktator” continues exactly where the previous song left off continuing the same beat but without the uniqueness of “El Chupacabra”. “Mörder” is a heavily based on German speaking samples and beats that invite you to follow the pulse in a dance frenzy. If you really want to get the full effect of this one, I suggest going for the Feindflug remix of “Mörder”, with the characteristic dark structured keyboards in the background! My only disappointment of this EP would be the track “Titanic” which is a cover version from Austrian band Falco (remember “Rock me Amadeus”?) really has nothing of significance to offer to me.

I can only imagine why Thomas Rainer chose the title of this release as homage to sexy women in uniform — no not Iron Maiden’s song! I am not quite sure if Thomas also borrowed the title from the 1931 cult classic German film “Mädchen in Uniform”, which is considered one of the first pro-lesbian films of all time. I don’t know … just a thought to ponder on. But if he did , good for him. Besides, what is sexier than women in uniform ?

Overall I would have to say that Nachtmahr have set the bar high for 2010 and will need some good competition to knock this release off my play list.

01 Mädchen in Uniform
02 Mädchen in Uniform (Faderhead Remix)
03 Titanic
04 El Chupacabra
05 Tanzdiktator
06 Tanzdiktator (Modulate Remix)
07 Tanzdiktator (Revolution by Night Remix)
08 Tanzdiktator (Skinjob Remix)
09 Tanzdiktator (Yade Remix)
10 Mörder
11 Mörder (Feindflug Remix)
12 Mörder (C/A/T Remix)
13 Mörder (DJ Antimatter Remix)