Free Alfa Matrix CD compilation for everyone attending next weekend’s BIM Fest !

Good news for those attending the Bimfest in Hof Ter Lo / Trix (Antwerp) on December 19th. With the Danish Leaether Strip as main act for the night, Alfa Matrix will give a free Alfa Matrix CD sampler to every visitor of the festival full of previously unreleased tracks from such bands as Amgod, Armageddon Dildos, Pouppee Fabrikk, Unter Null, Leaether Strip, … That’s right, EVERY visitor.

On top you also get a reduction voucher to purchase CDs at the Alfa Matrix merch stand at the festival. Playing at the festival are also 32CRASH (feat. JL Demeyer of Front 242), Sol 19, Qek Junior, Amgod, Red Zebra, Aroma Di Amore, Click Click, Crash Course In Science and Terence Fixmer who will end the fest as DJ.


Tickets and more info: . The tracklist for the free sampler is yours after the jump… V/A – “Sounds From The Matrix 010” (in bold the bands playing at the BIMfest this year):





  1. SCHWARZBLUT . das mandat *
  2. FREAKANGEL . gods blind game (edit) *
  3. VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS . born in sin *
  4. LEAETHER STRIP . evil speaks (2010) *
  5. POUPPEE FABRIKK . symptom (hard cut mix) *
  6. KANT KINO. stille! *
  7. ARMAGEDDON DILDOS . untergrund *
  8. AMGOD . on the hunt (short mix) *
  9. MENTALLO & THE FIXER . legion of leper (re-edit) *
  10. RAZORFADE . liberation (radio edit) *
  11. HALO IN REVERSE . modesty’s failure *
  12. I:SCINTILLA . hollowed
  13. PSY’AVIAH . anger management *
  14. UNTER NULL . I can’t be the one (EX.ES mix) *
  15. ZOMBIE GIRL . the darkness (darker mix by KOMOR KOMMANDO)
  16. STUDIO-X . to hell *
  17. ALIEN VAMPIRES . evil will always find u *
  18. HAUSHETAERE . sunshine is my destroyer *

    * previously unreleased