Leaether Strip – news

The company Outworld entertainment which is currently filming the movie “Dark Passages” have been so much inspired by the Leaether Strip song “Love me or die” that they will shoot a special video for it. The track is taken from the brand new double disc “Yes I’m Limited V“, out now. The video will be directed by award winning writer/director Cesar Cruz. In a reaction Cesar Cruz says: “I am extremely excited about making this video. I have always composed my artwork with Leaether Strip songs playing on constant rotation in the background of my studio. The music always gave me a lot of creative ideas. Now I get to take those ideas and apply it back to the music itself by making a video. I am a huge fan of Claus Larsen and I really enjoy thesong “Love me or Die.” The song is full of adrenaline and visual cues. It’s everything I have come to love about Leaether Strip.”

The concept for the video will be made around the lyrics which are the ‘script’ for Cruz: “I love music videos that are a representation of the song. Videos that have nothing to do with the song can actually ruin the song for me. With that said, I really am using Claus’ lyrics as the script. We have had talks about what the song is about and the emotion behind it. I want the video to be a true representation of the song.”

Pre-production already has begun and casting for the video will begin this week. Expect it to be finished by the end of this year. In further news, the Danish electro wizard remixed 2 songs for the Danish metal band Mnemic. They will both be on their forthcoming digi single, and their album. Claus: “They are one of my favorite guitar bands out there, and I was really happy they asked me to do this. It’s good to see that a guitar band isn’t scared to look into our scene for inspiration. After all, all we do is music.”

Belgian fans will be able to see Leaether Strip live at the BIM festival later this month, on December 19th to be precise. The complete bill now looks something like this: the English 80s New-Wave band C Cat Trance, Sol 19, Qek Junior, Amgod, 32CRASH (feat. JL Demeyer of Front 242), Red Zebra, Aroma Di Amore, Click Click, Crash Course In Science and Terence Fixmer who will end the fest as DJ. Tickets and more info: www.bimfest.be .

Each visitors to the fest will also get a FREE compilation CD from Alfa Matrix including a reduction voucher !