Amphi Festival 2010 – The Orkus Open Air – nahezu komplett / almost complete!

Amphi Festival 2010 – Programme nearly complete!

Dear Amphi fans,

before we start today, we´d like to thank you for your widespread praise and appreciation concerning the already confirmed Amphi programme 2010, we received in the weeks since the first artist announcements back in August. We are happy that the choice of bands, as it stands today, has been received so tremendously well, with many of you thinking the next year to be even stronger than 2009. Still we keep pushing the race for the best Amphi ever and we´re thrilled to announce the near-completion of the 2010 Amphi programme, including 7 fantastic new entries, really worthwhile!

Second Headliner: VNV NATION

Basically we could have stopped the short band portrait by simply announcing the name. The name VNV NATION itself guarantees the highest class of powerful electronic dance music – like a trademark! Not only with their fresh album „Of faith power and glory“ Ronan Harris and Mark Jackson are pulling all registers again, also their current world tour with numerous sold-out shows around the globe underlines the duo´s exceptional state, fueled by their indistinguishable sound and courage to break borders, significantly influencing and shaping the modern club landscape since the middle 1990´s. Look forward to big electronic anthems, great hits and a gigantic live show with VNV Nation as our second headliner at the Amphi Festival 2010.

Additional band announcements:

Long before their extensive climb into the heart of the US Billboard Charts, THE CRÜXSHADOWS claimed their seats in the honourable league of international topacts. As sitting around does not belong to their major talents, we are very glad to announce the american cult band with their first appearance at the Tanzbrunnen in 2010. Their unique mix of styles, blending seductive goth-, electro- and folk-elements, combined with their full-of-life shows, which bandleader Rogue loves to expand to the entire venue and “above”, will definitely enrich the Amphi Festival 2010 as another highlight.

BLUTENGEL are a phenomenon! Loved, loathed, pitied and praised, the vampire sisters around master Chris Pohl proceeded, with giant leaps, all the way to the top of the dark scene. Picked teeth and club orientated electro-pop hymns, which, once heard, won´t leave your ear so quickly, are the trademarks of this extraordinary band.

After Erk Aicrag delivered one of the most spectacular show of this year´s Amphi Festival with Hocico, the Mexican is up to conquer the Tanzbrunnen again in a personal mission. Back in September the second album „Noise Diary“ of his side-project RABIA SORDA was released. With this second effort Erk worked hard to significantly increase the tension with even more catchyness and intensity, compared to the debut. Ore melodic and powerful than ever before, RABIA SORDA will ride the razor with you, blasting a full pound through your ears!

Next to this hot dance we follow the goth-metal formation LEAVES’ EYES on a journey into the cold north. Lead by exceptional vocalist Liv Kristine and captain Alexander Krull (Atrocity) the nowegian-swabian dragonship set course fir the Amphi Festival, where LEAVES’ EYES will open the next chapter of their nordic myths and legends with the latest album „Njord“.

DIN [A] TOD don´t like to make things too easy for their listeners… a cryptic band name and the play with symbols harden the task to find a proper classification for the Berlin based trio. DIN [A] Tod fill a gap in the market… intelligent, danceable, electronic music, of which there´s still far too less out there!

As guarantors for veritable electronic club-smashers SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS should be prepared for a “Kölsch” in 2010 as well. With their latest album „In the eye of the beholder“ the boys from Berlin convinced us to be the perfect choice, to test the „new plaster“ for its resiliance!

With these seven confirmed, only four bands remain unrevealed for the Amphi Festival 2010 and the programme is almost complete. As the final four may be the last, they won´t be the least for sure. So you can look forward to even more highlights and a fulfilling line-up 2010.

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Best regards,
Your Amphi Festival Team