Sebastian Komor launches industrial metal act Melt

Active ImageVancouver (Canada) based companies Synthetic Entertainment and Synthetic Sounds announce the recent signing of Melt, the new project from Sebastian Komor (Icon of Coil / Zombie Girl). Komor: "Melt for me is all music I love and have created. Wrapped in one loud nasty box of frustration and emotional outrage. Coming to you to completely destroy you sonically." The industrial metal act hailing from Edmonton, Alberta also features Greg Gory, guitarist for Zombie Girl and resident DJ at the New City Compound.

Between doing remixes for Godhead and working with Celldweller, Sebastian has been churning out new material and is preparing to launch a new EP with a subsequent tour in the new year. Get a sneak preview of the cover of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" and stay tuned for more things Melt in the very near future at .