Project Pitchfork to release “Dream, Tiresias!” in February 2009

Active Image"Dream, Tiresias!", the new album from Germany's Project Pitchfork, will be released on February 27 2009 on the band's own label Candyland Entertainment. The release will be preceded by the single "Feel!" on January 23. Samples of the new album "Dream, Tiresias!" can be checked out on the band's MySpace at .


 The band is also preparing a tour taking place in July next year. The line-up of the band is now trimmed down to Peter Spilles, Jürgen Jansen and Dirk Scheuber. "Dream, Tiresias!" is Project Pitchfork's first new album since 2005's "Kaskade" not considering Peter Spilles' Imatem and Santa Hates You projects. The band describes the new material follows: "Flogging, driving Beats; binding, breath-taking Soundscapes; passionate, heart-tearing up beautiful melodies; deep, moving Lyrics and the characteristic singing create an opulent mixture, which convinces completely." Check out for yourself.