CombiChrist – Today We Are All Demons – Box of Demons ( Limited Edition )

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"Today we are all Demons" is an album immersed not only in the trademark fire and burn of the COMBICHRIST of yore, but also one that adds a newfound sense of urgency and dynamics. It sees LePlegua meshing old sounds with new, creating a whole new direction for the band.  The increased hardness-factor and the thoroughly European sound are very effective: when Andy LaPlegua exorcises his inner demons and screams out his anger to massive thudding beats and noisy electronics, COMBICHRIST becomes a perfect club inferno.

Furthermore, keen Andy is a master at embedding solid beats, deep bass and recognizable hook lines in the midst of all this pandemonium, thus keeping things catchy, no matter how hard the sound. From the propulsive and expansive "All Pain is Gone" to the sultry stomp of "Can't Change the Beat" and the jackhammer-pounding of "Get Out Of My Head", not to mention the the well-known club hit "Sent To Destroy", from the advance "Frost EP", this album rips through beats, bass and rhythm, creating an aggro genre that criss-crosses rock, metal, industrial and underground dance.


The hellishy hot and strictly limited "Box Of Demons" contains the double CD in a Digipak plus an exclusive T-Shirt (available in sizes M, L or XL), a classy metal pin, a postcard set and a weatherproof sticker.  This box set is EXTREMELY limited so we recommend you order early to avoid disappointment.



Limited Box Set

Disc 1 :-
01. No Afterparty
02. All Pain is Gone
03. Kickstart the Fight
04. I Want Your Blood
05. Can't Change the Beat
06. Sent to Destroy
07. Spit
08. New Form of Silence
09. Scarred
10. The Kill V.2
11. Get out of My Head
12. Today We Are All Demons
13. At the End of it All

Disc 2 :-
01. Tranquilized
02. Avenge
03. Carnival of Terror
04. Till Death Do Us Party
05. Machine Love
06. 427 FE
07. Caliber:Death
08. Gore Baby, Gore