Killing Joke – Duende The Spanish Sessions

 About the release Jaz Coleman said "Can you imagine it, the original line up hasn't been in the same room since 24th February 1982 and I am waiting for Paul to arrive here at Youths  studio in Granada, Spain at any moment. Like most preconceptions the reality is always different.The door opens and there he is, we embrace, still the same athletic build, the same impeccable manners, the same fire in his eyes. Inwardly I am delighted for I feel we have truly transcended any petty differences of the past. As most people are aware there have been many incarnations of Killing Joke over the years, however the original line up bears no comparison to later line ups, neither socially or musically. For example there are always two people moving in opposite directions. In the present tense this manifests as Youth insisting that we write some new songs for the tour whereas my concern is learning five hours of music (ie two sets) always the revolutionary and the reactionary, simultaneously. Our conversations and debates follow a similar pattern. As for the sound it is far from polished to put it mildly but when it locks in it is both emotional and devastating. For me, my life seems strangely complete with these characters (who, when all is said and done, are family) We started as teenagers together. Killing Joke was our further education and now we are all approaching fifty!"

Here then is the raw beautifully imperfect soundtrack to so many peoples lives least of all our own.
New album in January if we are still alive. All our love and best wishes to the Gathering

1. Requiem
2. The Wait
3. Tomorrows World
4. Bloodsport
5. Psyche
6. SO36
7. Millenium
8. Tension
9. Primitive
10. Are you Receiving
11. Whiteout
12. Pandemonium
13. Eighties
14. Love Like Blood