Faith And The Muse – Scars Flown Proud

We Are The Inheritors: The Evidence of Heaven
Descendants of a Legacy gone but not Forgotten
We Are The Inheritors of the Grand Persuasion
Descendants of its Masquerade Numb but not Defeated

Welcome to the silent war, to the world we never hoped to gain
The great Disguise Wandering between two realms,
One dead the other rarely dwells beyond our eyes Lest we be sorely recognized

What little good intentions seem
But obviate the bloom of self esteem We'll save our prayers
Inured to wounds from bleeding minds Where Wisdom dares not mix with Time Never Fear
They'll age they'll change they'll disappear

In every dance no steps are placed And every path mistakes are made
And if all paths lead but to the grave Then let us dance along our way

Gliding from room to room all cast in celebrated gloom With no where yet to rest our head
Waiting for a door to open from within and bring us home Lest we possess our souls again

You Are A Wonder And I Will Sing Your Praise


Album : Evidence Of Heaven