The darkest most inner thoughts

Of someone else who likes Chris, just about as much as I do!
Okay, here is the link to one of her stories :


page to 'stories'


 The actually story is called " Guiding Light "

{Christian Pohl} – Short Story


So, it's a pretty good story, but a little too… sexual (?)

And with this comming up :


This quiz is rated A, Adult, because it contains content that is unsuitable for those under 18 years of age and may also offend personal tastes or views of adults.."


Continue anyways… 😉

And for anycase the background of the page you are trying to view is write,

just simply copy the text to view the story.

For some reason, at this school computer, you can't actually see the text, just the white background.


But! however, the text is really wonderful.

Well, I've only read the -first- half of it.

Not too much 'cause someone else could have been watching me!

And I don't want ANYONE to read something like that!!

Although, kinda sickly… just because of what it is talking about.

And to note!  none of this true!!

I'm sure that Chris would NEVER do this, 'cause he has a lovely girlfriend he is so in love with.

– Nicole is too amazing of a person! –


Okay, that's all I have to say about the story from a friend.

And soon enough, hopefully, Chris Pohl American will have some of these stories up online!
– Or even on the myspace –