Dead Melodies – The Aberration Of Time And Space (Album – Cryo Chamber)

Genre/Influences: Cinematic, Dark-Ambient.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: British composer Tom Moore remains ultra-prolific. While reviewing this album released by the end of 2023 and dealing with sci/fi themes, the artist is already releasing new material.

Content: This work immediately creates a  strong visual appeal which rapidly turns into a nightmarish vision. Ultra-dark sound wave constructions adorned by field recordings are leaving the listener in a stupor. The tracks have been progressively built up to create a final effect of torment.

+ + + : Prolific artist aren’t always able to keep the quality of their work to a higher level. Tom Moore is an exception to the rule. From album to album he deals with different themes while adapting his composition to the concept. He this way don’t repeat himself although the sound remains connected to his proper sound DNA. The album reveals an impressive number of sonic details; subtle noises and arrangements you would discover by using headphones. “Interdimensional Rift” is one of these cuts featuring impressive, low sound vibrations, and getting the listener into an abyssal sci/fi universe.

– – – : A very few of the passages -and especially on “Incorporeal Existence” remain monotone.

Conclusion: A new sonic exploration resulting in a fascinating, obscure, Cinematic odyssey.

Best songs: “Interdimensional Rift”, “When The World Began To Bleed”, “On The Strings Of Divergence”, “Transportal Awakening”.

Rate: 8.



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