Deep Red releases ‘Run (Jet Set Giallo Remix)’ single – Out now

Deep Red releases 'Run (Jet Set Giallo Remix)' single - Out now

Deep Red has released a new version of their latest single “Run” in a Jet Set Giallo remix. The main theme behind Deep Red’s latest track is what happens when the hunter becomes the prey, and the victim becomes the aggressor.

The original was released on January 26th and mixes electro-industrial and post-punk. This remix adds a darker edge and an extra punch to the original version. The new remix is available on Spotify and all major digital platforms including Bandcamp.

Deep Red was formed in 1996 by Martha A. Hoffmann also of Distorted Reality and DC Astro of Element 104. Shortly after, their song “Holy You” would be included in Cleopatra Records’ “The Goth Box”, and this paved the way to appearances in a slew of other compilations in the US and abroad (including on our very own “Venussa XX” compilation which we released in 2001 via Triton Records).

The band in the end got signed to Project Pitchfork’s label and embarked on a European tour with them. The band released 3 albums in total plus 1 EP and has since 2023 been releasing various singles.

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