This Is Radio Silence – This Is Radio Silence (Album – Disconnected Music)

Genre/Influences: Shoegaze, Cold-Wave, Rock-Pop.

Format: Digital, 2CD.

Background/Info: Hailing from London (UK) This Is Radio Silence is now active for a while. This album is a fine selection from singles and EP’s released between 2019 and 2021, live songs and previously unreleased material. We get a total of twenty four songs.

Content: The album is eclectic which is probably because of the material that has been released over different years and releases. There’s a noticeable Rock-Pop influence with some Indie elements on top but This Is Radio Silence is also driven by good-old Dark-Wave / Post-Punk music. Several songs are also into pure Shoegaze mixing guitar playing and electronics. The vocals create a shimmering effect which is fitting to the sound. The six last songs are live edits.

+ + + : If you never heard about this band the self-titled album is a great opportunity to get familiar with a talented formation. I personally prefer their Shoegaze driven work excelling at “There Is No Time” and “Disappointed”. In a similar vein but a little bit harder I highly recommend “Impermanence”. Other noticeable cuts are the darker, powerful “Empty Mirrors”, the uplifting “The Yellow House” and the Indie-Pop/Rock like debut song “Fallen Men”. 

– – – : The live songs are rather cool but not exactly adding a bonus to this double disc.

Conclusion: This Is Radio Silence definitely deserves more attention; this album being a perfect chance to discover the diversified Post-Punk & Shoegaze universe of the band.

Best songs: “There Is No Time”, “Disappointed”,  “Impermanence”, “Empty Mirrors”, “The Yellow House”,  “Fallen Men”. 

Rate: 8.

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