Hexen Prozess – All That Remains (Album – Outer Darkness Records)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro, EBM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Set up nearly twenty years ago as a solo-project by Randall Smith and later on joined by Sheridan Willard this ‘new’ album by Hexen Prozess features a selection of previously unreleased songs plus some archived material. The American formation seems to be working on a totally new album at the moment.

Content: After an intro track we directly discover the essence of this formation which is clearly driven by good-old Dark-Electronics with some extra EBM elements on top. The songs are driven by danceable beats, melodic sequences and harsh vocals on top. Passages might remind you of God Module.

+ + + : I experienced this album as ‘typical American sound’; well-crafted Dark-Electro featuring carrying, melody lines and danceable vibes. There’s this typical Industrial atmosphere at one side and refined sound treatments at the other side. The global production process remains hard and aggressive although there are a few, softer, parts featured as well. The work reveals a few true attention grabbers like “Crescent Of Decay” and “USP”.

– – – : I regret the album is only featuring 8 tracks.

Conclusion: Hexen Prozess is an interesting formation you really have to discover. I’m awaiting the new work from this band.

Best songs: “Crescent Of Decay”, “USP”, “Soldier Of The Masses”, “Funeral March”.

Rate: 8.

Artist: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100067773008768

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