Zack Zack Zack – Album 2 (Album – Trost)

Genre/Influences: EBM, Electro-Wave, Cold-Wave.

Format: Digital, CD, vinyl, Cassette.

Background/Info: Zack Zack Zack is driven by Turkish duo Yigit Bakkalbasi – Cemgil Demirtas. They’re based in Vienna (Austria) and released their album by Vienna based label Trost Records.

Content: I never heard of this band before which is dealing with a free-style for mixing EBM bass lines and song structures together with Electro/Cold-Wave. There’s an Eastern sound atmosphere running throughout several songs which inject a mysterious touch to the work -while probably revealing a cultural element of the members. The songs are electronic but also feature guitar parts.

+ + + : This band took me by surprise. The work is a perfect mix between EBM and Cold-Wave which they adapted into a personal and original composition. It has a true refreshing sound and especially the way they play simplistic, melody lines with the guitar is cool. The vocals have been sung in English but also Turkish which also accentuated the unique aspect of the band.

– – – : I regret the songs are rather short and the album only features 10 cuts.

Conclusion: Zack Zack Zack is a band name to keep in mind and their work will for sure catch the attention of EBM and Electro-Wave lovers.

Best songs: “EV”, “Para Para”, “Euro”, “Yaradan”.  

Rate: 8.


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