La Machine – Vamos A La Playa (EP – BOREDOMproduct)

Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: A few months after their excellent debut-EP “La Machine (Qui Ne Sert A Rien)” French duo Pierre Pi (Komplex, Position Parallèle, Communication Zéro) – Éric U0 (Celluloide, Thee Hyphen, Signal/Bruit) aka La Machine is back on track with a new EP.

Content: The title song is a surprising, minimalistic Electro cover version of the legendary “Vamos A La Playa”-hit from 1983 and originally performed by Righeira. Behind this funny hit was hidden a more serious theme about a nuclear disaster. That’s the main theme behind this EP which is also exposed on another track “Réacteur 4”. Both songs have been featured in different mixes. Last but not least La Machine also achieved another cover version of French Electro legend Jacno.

+ + + : It’s a damned crazy challenge covering such a famous commercial hit. I’ve to salute the way La Machine transposed it into their minimal approach by the use of analogue sound treatments. The minimalism is also coming back in the half-spoken way of singing. Luckily they didn’t take over the legendary ‘oh oho oho’ part of the chorus. No doubt it took them time and patience to achieve this version. And they even achieved another version with the Spanish lyrics translated and sung into French; totally hilarious and don’t ask me why but it reminds me of the legendary movies of Jacques Tati. The cover version of Jacno’s “Rectangle” is more fitting to the sound of La Machine. Both versions of “Réacteur 4” reveal the band at its best although it remains pretty minimal and Experimental-like.

– – – : I’ve been never a huge fan of “Vamos A La Playa” and even if La Machine totally reworked the song into a different style and approach it still can’t totally convince me. I think it could be fun playing this song live.

Conclusion: While awaiting the debut album of La Machine I’ve mixed feelings with this second EP. I hope they’ll be more inspired by the great debut EP instead of Righeira.

Best songs: “Vamos A La Playa – Edit”, “Rectangle”.  

Rate: 7.


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