The Overlookers – Videodrama (Album – BOREDOMproduct)

Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Four years have passed since the promising debut-album “Teenage Wet Dreams”. French duo JB Lacassagne (Dekad) and Pierre_XY (Foretaste) are back on track unleashing their second opus “Videodrama”. They remained inspired by the past, now moving back to the fantasy world of David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King, John Hugues ao.

Content: The sound has evolved as well although remaining pretty Electro-Pop like. They’re more into 80s Electronics while the debut-album also featured 50s and 60s elements. You’ll notice the typical effects, sweeps and space-like atmospheres getting us back to the magic of Electro-Wave. Most of the songs have a danceable appeal but you’ll also discover softer, melancholic, cuts.

+ + + : The Overlookers didn’t produce a copy-paste album of their debut work. “Videodrama” is a catchy, retro-like work with a personal touch on top. The work  has an atypical BOREDOMproduct-sound and that’s rather cool. It enlarges the musical horizon of the label and both musicians as well. It also is a well-crafted composition with multiple attention grabbers. Some parts are reminding me to Propaganda but globally speaking I would dare to say The Overlookers have adapted 80s Electro-Pop into a very personal sound approach.

– – – : The album is maybe missing an absolute hit song but don’t worry, we’ll get a very cool tracklist instead.

Conclusion: The Overlookers is much more than simply a side-project but just a great, creative, and inspired Electro-Pop project made in France.

Best songs: “Undercover”, “A Heavy Price To Pay”, “Cast Away Your Sorrow”, “Red Lights”.

Rate: 8.


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