NYC-based new romantic post-punks Black Rose Burning return with ‘Ad Astra’ album

New romantic post-punks Black Rose Burning reveal 'Fight!', final single ahead of 'Ad Astra' album

(Photo by Shane K. Gardner) The NYC-based new romantic post-punks Black Rose Burning release their new “Ad Astra” album.

“Ad Astra” was recorded in George’s own studio, PV Recording Company, which has hosted notable artists over the years, including Emelio Zeff China (Peter Murphy), Knox Chandler (Siouxsie And The Banshees), Chibi (The Birthday Party Massacre), Nellie McKay, Julia Marcel, Paul Bakija (Reagan Youth), Ego Likeness and Voltaire (with whom Grant also played bass for 10 years).

The “Ad Astra” album is available on CD and also digitally from all music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Also included in that album is their latest single “Fight!”. The album was mastered by Jason Corbett of Actors at Jacknife Sound. Earlier, the band released the singles “Night Terrors” and “Sing to Me (E.L.E.)”.

Black Rose Burning was formed in 2018 by instrumentalist, producer and engineer George Grant. The project also features guitarist Frank Morin (World Inferno Friendship Society) and drummer Luis Infantas (Monster Zero).

“’Ad Astra’ is the result of the real first-time collaboration of the musicians who have been playing with my project in a live setting and myself. On previous records, I recorded them solo – playing and programming all of the instruments. It only made sense to take it to a whole new level by taking a slight back seat and letting the fantastic musical brains I have surrounded myself with, to step into some spotlight and show their talent. Sonically it’s a major leap forward in the ever-growing sound of Black Rose Burning in every way. Letting experts do what they do has resulted in – a lush soundscape that’s better than I could have ever hoped for. And even though I again wrote all the material, having partners who understand my vision is both invaluable and awe-inspiring,” says George Grant.

“Lyrically, I approached this record, from the standpoint of my pseudo-motto ”Love Won, Love Lost and Outer Space”. Interlaced with technical and futuristic themes are also stories of broken hearts, broken dreams as well as songs about hope. I quite honestly took my love, as an avid Sci-Fi fan, and poured it into quite a few of these songs and into the overall feel of the record. But don’t get me wrong – there’s plenty of both love and heartbreak written into it as well. The artwork by Antonella at Eshmoon DM brilliantly reflects the feel also – from the colours to the design and the themes – of my infatuation with Science Fiction.”

In 2021, Black Rose Burning released their second album “The Wheel”, one year after debuting “The Year of the Scorpion” album. You can view some of their older work below.

Here are a few dates to see the band live at work.

  • Oct 6 – Tampa, FL at Crobar (Absolution Fest)
  • Oct 13 – Richmond, VA at Fallout w/ Empathy Test

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