Skeletal Family – Light From The Dark (Album – Chapter 22)

Genre/Influences: Dark-Wave, Dark-Rock, Post-Punk.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: British 80s formation Skeletal Family belong to the Dark-Wave & Post-Punk collective memory. After an endless number of line-up changes and silent periods the band is back again releasing “Light From The dark”. Driven by core members ‘Trotwood’ (bass guitar), Stan Greenwood (guitar) and Ian ‘Karl Heinz’ Taylor (keyboard & saxophone) plus later member  Adrian Osadzenko (drums) they now got joined by a new singer Anneka Latta. Notice by the way the album was recorded in the studio of Paul Weller.

Content: The new work doesn’t sound like their legendary 80s works although you’ll easily recognize typical guitar parts and low, vibrating, bass lines. It sounds Post-Punk driven but still more Dark-Rock like. Anneka Latta injects passion and sensibility with her vocals.

+ + + : Skeletal Family will always remain one of my favorite 80s Dark-Wave formations. I was immediately addicted to the furious drums playing, the easy recognizable guitar riffs, the low bass lines and the icy, rough vocals of original singer Anne Marie Hurst (Ghost Dance). Well this new work still features magic reminiscences of the band’s glorious past and I recommend listening to “New Horizon” which reminds me, for its guitar playing, to “Promised Land”. Globally speaking this album is more styled and professional than the early stuff. Annekka Latta should not be compared to Hurst and is a talented singer. Her vocals are especially coming through during choruses where together with the music and synth hanging over the work create a carrying sensation. This album mixes power and reverie. I personally prefer the ‘harder’ cuts; “Glorious” being another noticeable cut. I’ll also mention the opener “Cry Baby” and the last track “My Own Redemption”. 

– – – : It always remains tricky and even a true challenge when a band has a successful past to move on with new vocalists. But time goes by and the main thing is that the Skeletal Family are still kicking.

Conclusion: It’s good to see this band back on track and the new work features a few great Post-Punk songs.

Best songs: “New Horizon”, “Glorious”, “Cry Baby”, “My Own Redemption”, “What Are You Waiting For?”. 

Rate: 8.

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